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Why I joined the Taliban

Dear President Bush,

This is why I have joined the Taliban...
Testing the limits again, for freedom's sake.

From: "Dick Eastman" < eastman@wolfenet.com>
Newsgroups: alt.dear.whitehouse, alt.politics.gw-bush
Sent: Friday, September 28, 2001 10:41 AM


September 28, 2001

To: The President of the United States of America
Washington, D.C.

We are fast learning new meaning of those words
from our great revolutionary war: "These are the times
that try mens souls." The weight that has been suddenly
been thrown upon you, Mr. President, of unprecedented
terror unleased on our shores reminds not a few citizens
of what Lincoln bore when Fort Sumpter was first fired
upon in 1861. Doubtless, when you can find a moment
in this national emergency to reflect upon the less direct
ramifications of this act, you must feel that further loss
of so much the opportunity, in terms of the necessary time
and energy this crisis absorbs, that could have been used
to attain the many of the great reforms you and your able
administration intended to accomplish. I have three daughters
and a love of all children, and so I too was anticipating
this great good and now feel the loss of it to terror.

Mr. President, I am completely convinced that the Taliban were
not responsible for terrorism that has cost so many American
lives in New York, Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania. I am
also convinced that you and the American people are victims
of a frame-up by the powerful international drug cartels who
seek both to destablilze the United States and your Administration
and to destroy the Taliban because of their role in acting upon
moral religious motives to erradicate the opium crops grown by
the drug lords of northern Afganistan that supply
the Chinese triads working through the People's Liberation Army's
transnational corporation and drug cartel that furnish the world with
opium and heroin. The Taliban merely got in the way of this great
flow of wealth within the great and perverse international system of
anracho-capitalist free trade. I also am convinced by long study,
that the CIA has many renegade agents whose heads have been
turned by the temptation of the big money available in the two -
trillion-dollar-a-year global drug trade. And finally, I believe that
our great investment banks -- some of the most influential people in
this country -- have become accomplices in this trade through
their laundering of untold billions in drug revenues, most of it then
invested in Communist China in new high-tech factories feed by
cheap Chinese labor -- putting honest businessmen out of business
all around the world.

Mr. President, may I add that I am convinced that your faith in
Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior is genuine. I share that faith
with you, though flawed and falling short in many ways.

Mr. President, believing the Taliban to be an organization that
exists to free a large section of the world for genuine freedom
to worship the one true God of their ancestors and to free their
people from economic hardship resulting from serious flaws
in our modern system of globalization and unregulated international
trade and finance by a few billionaires hostile to Arabic culture
and Islamic morality (which opposes exploitative usury, drug addiction
etc.), and knowing them to be innocent of the terror of which they have
been accused, I have decided to exercise my political freedom
to associate with any political cause or set of ideas I personally
deem just, good and appropriate.

I am announcing to you now, effective immediately, my joining,
as a continuing pacifist and as a patriotic American, this International
group for the curtailment of unjust economic practices and the
systematic persecution of Arabic states and Islamic peoples.

I have no contact with members of the Taliban and I know of
no sympathizers with this organization that I realize is much hated
in this country right now because of the disinformation that blames
the terror done by as yet unidentified others on these poor people
and their just cause.

My purpose, of course, is to be arrested and put in court where I
will have to be tried according to our laws. It is my hope that
my action will become known to the public and that through a
public trial it will become obvious to all that no one in the
United States government has any evidence whatsoever that
will hold up in our courts under our laws.

I do this to help you Mr. President. I do this to get your notice,
even as those around you press you to go to war with all of
the Middle East.

As an internet propagandist for populism and against globalization
I have said many unkind things about you and about people
close to you, occasionally knowingly without sufficient evidence
for such accusations to be responsible. But I confess those sins
now. I beg that you hear the merits of the Taliban case from
soneone other than Richard Perle or Paul Wolfowitz. The
hawks have your ear and so does Mr. Powell, the middle of
the roader, who seeks a war diplomatically conditioned so that
nothing valuable is upset. Mr. President, it is my hope and prayer
that when you have this dove in one of your cages, that you will
hear him too.

I am joining the Taliban, believing it to be an organization working
for justice and good in the Afganistanand I do so not believing that
this organization is responsible for the terror that has horrified the

May our Lord and Savior Jesus Chirst continue to guide
you in your service to the Republic.

And please, for the sake of my family, be apprised that I am
not armed, that I do not believe in violence, and that I will go
with arresting officers peacefully without anger or hatred for
any man.

I am a part-time clerk at a video store in Yakima, Washington.

I have the honor to remain,

Yours faithfully,

Dick Eastman
223 S. 64th Avenue
Yakima, Washington 98908

homepage: homepage: http://www.iisna.com

Taliban 13.Jan.2002 09:02


Very interesting. While I have no great love for the Taliban, [in my opinion, fundamentalism
is a flawed concept as the universe is often guided by random events and life is just not
black and white, but more grey], I strongly believe that your comments are very plausible, but
considering the veil of secrecy that exists right now, none of this may ever get reported, let
alone investigated.