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PSU terrorists groups

Gordon Smith accuses PSU of funding terrorist activities.
In an amazing gesture of ignorance Gordon Smith has
accused PSU of fundraising for terriorist activities.

On the front page of yesterday's Oregonian's Metro
section the following appeared

"Oregon has been a hub of terrorist fundraising,
particularly corvallis and Portland State University," US
Senator Gordon Smith says, and he has asked US justice
department officials to take action. Smith says he was
relaying unclassified information he learned in a
confidential security briefing with justice department and
FBI officials since the September 11th terrorist

Student groups, faculty, and even our own Daniel
Bernstine will be attending a press conference tonight at
5:30pm in SMC 333.

*** if you can stomach it watch tonight's news apparently PSU is expecting a full press conference on this with the news cams and all***
here's a link 10.Jan.2002 17:00