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Endangered Wood Training

Saturday, January 12th. Noon at the Red & Black Cafe (SE 21st & Division) Endangered Forests Wood Products Survey Training & Volunteer Meeting.
Saturday, January 12th at Noon at the Red & Black Cafe (SE 21st and Division) Rainforest Relief is sponsoring a volunteer meeting and endangered forests wood products training.

Consumers have the right to choose products which do not contribute to the destruction of the last ancient forest on Earth. We are part of a national network to identify and publicize which stores sell endangered wood products.

Tropical and Temperate Rainforest around the world are being devestated at an alarming rate. The majority of this endangered wood ends up in US Stores. By reducing that market share, we can have a large impact in the campaigns to protect those areas, standing in solidarity with local resistance efforts.

On Saturday, we will be learning how to identify endangerd wood products, and discussing our current targets. We hope you will join us!

Endangered wood products includes furniture made from illegally logged African and Brazilian mahogany, tool handles made from ramin (found in Indonesia), products made from Burmese teak, lumber from old growth douglas fir and cedar (temperate rainforests here and in British Columbia), doors from luan (Phillipines).