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Discussion & Press Conference at PSU: Sen. Smith's Accusation of Terrorism

press release (with intro)
Smith's statement that he knows terrorists raise funds at PSU and OSU, but can't tell us anything else, reminds me of old Joe McCarthy on the Senate floor, circa 1953, saying: "I have in my hand a list of 241 known Communists working within the US government!" All that charlatan ever had in his hand was a blank, folded piece of paper. The papers speculate that this is part of a public relations ploy to eventually eliminate our state law granting protections for activists from police harrassment.

Here's the press release:

For Immediate Release

Press Conference at Portland State University on Thursday, January 10, 2002
1825 SW Broadways, Smith Center, Room 333 5:30 PM

In response to Sen. Smithıs allegations that ³terrorists have raised money
at PSU², the Association of African Students, MEChA, Chiron Studies, The
Rearguard and other student groups are holding a community meeting.
Students at Portland State University demand that Sen. Smith provide proof
of his recent allegations that PSU has been a hub of terrorist fund-raising.
If the Senator knows something that we donıt, he should reveal it. We
demand an explanation now.

PSU community leaders and members will meet in room 333 Smith Center to talk
about the Senatorıs recent statements and to discuss further actions.

For more information please contact Marc at (503) 725-5662

phone: phone: 5037252966