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BTL 1/18/02 Summary: Pacifica Settlement, Argentina, War on Terror

BETWEEN THE LINES --Weekly Summary -- FOR THE WEEK ENDING Jan. 18, 2002...Listen to RealAudio version of program:
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--Weekly Summary --


Listen to RealAudio version of program:
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This week we present Between The Lines' summary of
under-reported news stories and:

(1) Popular Revolt in Argentina Demands Economic as
Well as Political
Interview by Scott Harris.

Beverly Keene, coordinator of Dialogue 2000 in Buenos
Aires, examines
the popular uprising demanding political change in the
wake of
Argentina's economic collapse.

(2) Lack of Constraints on U.S. War on Terrorism
Causes Concern Around
Interview by Melinda Tuhus.

Jeremy Brecher explains what motivated his open
letter, "Open Letter
from an American to the World: HELP!" and the
concerns he has for the
future in the aftermath of the U.S. military campaign
international terrorism.

(3) Court Settlement of Dispute at Pacifica Radio
Network Could Usher in
New Era in Progressive Broadcasting
Interview by Scott Harris.

Juan Gonzalez, coordinator of the Pacifica Campaign,
and former co-host
of Pacifica's daily news program Democracy Now!,
discusses the court
settlement and his hopes for reconciliation and a
revival at Pacifica in
the months ahead.

(4) This week's summary of under-reported news
Compiled by Bob Nixon

- Factory jobs fleeing Mexico, Central America and
Taiwan for China,
labor is paid 25 cents an hour.
- Maine's clean election law could be a boomlet to the
state's Green
Party, setting
the stage for a publicly funded primary for governor.
- Somalian tradition of smoking khat ensnaring East
African immigrants
America's War on Drugs.

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