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Hiroshima Flame Walk: Drivers Needed!

Drivers needed to transport equipment and people from Longview to Toppenish on January 29th.
The 2002 Hiroshima Flame Walk is in need of drivers to transport equipment and 20 to 25 people from Longview to Toppenish on January 29th. They are planning on leaving the Longview Presbyterian Church (3808 Pennsylvania Ave, Longview) at 8 am on the 29th, and driving via I-84 & Rt. 97 (to avoid the pass) to the Yakama Longhouse in Toppenish (151 Fort Road). This is a long drive, so any drivers would be welcome to stay the night with us in Toppenish (although, we will be sleeping on the floor). Rides back to Portland are already in place, so this would just be a one-way commitment.

People are also invited to join the walk. The walk begins on January 15th at Chief Seattle's grave. Walkers will carry a flame left from the embers of the bombing of Hiroshima to Los Alamos. They will then continue on to Washington DC. Native American elders, victims of our Nuclear policy (among others), will host and participate in the walk.

Please email me -  subversiveyogi@yahoo.com or Dave at  witbooi@hotmail.com ASAP if you can help with this.

Many thanks.



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