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Bark 2002 events and Feb 1-3 Ashland Conference

Bark 2002 events and Feb 1-3 Ashland Conference
Bark 2002 events and Feb 1-3 Ashland Conference

Bark-about this Sunday, January 13 to the Oak Grove Watershed!

The next Bark hike will be on Sunday, January 13th. This Bark hike will visit the Oak Grove watershed, the location of nearly 20% of currently unlogged sales in the Mt. Hood National Forest.

Many of the current timber sales in the Oak Grove Watershed base their ?purpose and need? on recommendations made by the Oak Grove Watershed Analysis completed in 1996. However, since the Watershed Analysis was released 18 timber sales have been planned or logged in the watershed. Our quest will be to determine the extent to which these timbers have altered the condition of the watershed when the analysis was completed, and whether or not the recommendations made by the watershed analysis may still be applied to timber sale planning in the area.

We will be visiting the Pardner II and George II sales, as part of a larger Oak Grove project to determine the status of older sales in the area. We will have an ?issue? focus rather than a specific timber sale focus this month, examining the cumulative impacts of sales where the units at times fit together like puzzle pieces. The follow-up meeting, to be planned for later this month, will be a field trip to gather information on additional older sales in the Oak Grove watershed.

As usual, carpools will depart the Daily Grind Parking Lot (SE 40th & Hawthorne) promptly at 9:30 am. Please arrive no later than 9:15 am.

PROPER GEAR FOR A WINTER HIKE WILL BE REQUIRED! You will need boots (running shoes will *NOT* do), rain gear and warm wool/fleece clothing. Warning: wearing cotton clothing in cold wet weather can lead to hypothermia. As always, please be sure to bring food, plenty of water and the rest of the ten essentials ? light, compass, matches/lighter, whistle and basic first-aid ? we will supply the maps.

The hike will start below snow level, but as much as half of it may be in the snow, so proper footwear is very important. We will not be using snowshoes since we will be in and out of the snow throughout the day. In general, the hike is a moderate hike, however there will be one steep climb involved, and we may be in thigh deep snow for short periods.

As you may have heard, there was an IWW picket and boycott at the Daily Grind New Year?s day, following the firing of 9 employees at the Deli, allegedly over their union involvement. Negotiations with management are currently underway, but the boycott remains on. It seems likely that negotiations will be complete by the time of the Bark hike, but it is impossible to know for sure. Updates on the situation at the Daily Grind, as well as more details, can be found at www.portland.indymedia.org We will continue to meet in the Daily Grind Parking Lot, however we encourage Barkers to purchase their provisions before Sunday morning, so that we may honor the IWW boycott.

Western Forest Activist Conference, February 1-3, in Ashland.

11th Annual Western Forest Activist Conference

February 1-3, 2002

Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon

Headwaters is excited to once again organize the region?s largest forest protection education event. The annual forest activist conference was hosted last year by the Ecology Center of the Siskiyous, a student group at SOU, and this year Headwaters is happy to co-host the event together with ECOS. The conference theme is ?Moving the Movement - Connecting People and the Planet ,? and will focus on answering tough questions about how to move forest protection efforts forward in times of international turmoil, heightened ecological degradation and apparent public apathy.

This powerful event is sure to stimulate both new and seasoned activists, providing both background and technical details about forest protection issues. Forest activists will come from across the region to Ashland to reflect on the past year?s efforts, discuss current issues and strategize to confront future threats to Northwest forests.

A Friday evening keynote address will be delivered by nationally acclaimed environmental activist and Native American leader, Winona LaDuke. A Saturday lunch keynote address will be delivered by Paul Ray, co-author of Cultural Creatives - How 50 Million People are Changing the World.

Sunday will be devoted to ?Skills Workshops,? where activists will have in-depth training to equip them to tackle the most critical forest protection issues of our time. Workshops include: Restoration Know How, Media Skills, Adopt-a-Wilderness, Non-violent Direct Action, Backcountry Skills, GIS Introduction, NEPA Process & Timber Sale Tracking, and last, but not least, Outreach to ?Cultural Creatives? with Paul Ray. With over 50 breakout topics and skills sessions, there will be something for everyone.

Conference fees are on a sliding scale of $75-150, which includes 3 days of breakfast and lunch. Students are welcome for $50, and work trades are available to offset all but $20 of the attendance costs. Registration forms are due by January 25th, and are available on our website  http://www.headwaters.org

Please join Headwaters and the Ecology Center of the Siskiyous for an inspiring weekend of education and rejuvenation. For more information please contact Darcy Davis at 541/482-4459 or by email  darcy@headwaters.org

3. Bark for Mt. Hood TV Schedule.

1/30/02 at 10:00 pm on Channel 21
02/07/02 at 6:00 pm on Channel 11
2/11/02 at 6:30 pm on Channel 21
And lots of other times we don?t know about.

Mt. Hood Timber Sale Review, Sunday February 10!!

Mark your calendars now for the best Mt. Hood Timber Sale Review/Revue ever. In lieu of the February Bark-about, we will hold a review of all the current Mt. Hood timber sales and discuss how you can get involved in stopping the timber sales.

Sunday, February 10
11 am to 3 pm
Southeast Multicultural Center
4610 SE Belmont ? 1st Floor
No charge ? but we will be accepting donations
Conveniently located next to the Horse Brass Pub
On the #15 bus line.

Become a Bark hike leader.

Bark needs volunteers to lead our monthly Bark-about field trips. We are now filling hike leader training spots for our 2002 Bark-about schedule.

Bark will train you on the paperwork and field work necessary to become a hike leader. Individuals or teams of two can sign up. Specifically, we will:
- show you how to review the timber sale paperwork to learn the important facts on the timber sale;
- guide you through the pertinent parts of the Mt. Hood Management Plan and the Northwest Forest Plan;
- teach you how to interpret the timber sale maps;
- groundtruth the timber sale with you to help you determine an appropriate route and talking points for the Bark-about; and
- assist you with route-finding and technical information on the Bark-about.

Your commitment will be:
1) One meeting prior to the Bark-about to review documents with us;
2) Time set aside on your own to review documents (allow at least 4 hours);
3) At least one day of field work prior to the Bark-about to establish a route and site-specific talking points;
4) Helping to prepare the content for the Bark-about email alert and handout materials;
5) Leading the Bark-about (always on the 2nd Sunday of the month); and
6) Conducting a follow-up meeting/letter writing session and/or a small group field trip within a week or two after the Bark-about.
Donate your hard earned money to Bark.

If you?ve read this email alert all the way down to here, you really ought to donate some money to Bark. We are a non-profit, so all contributions are tax-deductible. But more importantly we watch Mt. Hood timber sales very closely and stop as many as we can. Help support our small, largely volunteer organization.

PO Box 12065
Portland, OR 97212

Bark out!

Greg Dyson
Bark ? to advertise by persistent outcry

homepage: homepage: http://www.Bark-out.org
phone: phone: 503-331-0374
address: address: PO Box 12065Portland, OR 97212