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Labor Information/News Portal

Local 23 Launches Information Server Communications & Computer Workers IU 560, Local #23 New Server on-line to bring information for social progressives and labor organizers to better enable them to fight for better living standards for all people
Labor Information/News Portal
Labor Information/News Portal
The ((I))ndycate Information Server is maintained by the IWW Computer and Communications Workers Local 23. It is a labor and social justice activists information portal. It brings together information from news agencies, activist organizations and labor organization on a range of topics.

You can receive automatic email updates on such topics as Labor, the Environment, World Bank/IMF and WTO and other topics by registering.  http://media.iww.org/users/myindycate.php

Progressive Networks
You can also keep track of new updates to progressive information through our Network Update Newswire. You can also submit your own updates via the User Syndication Form.  http://media.iww.org/user_syndication.php

We will be adding many services, currently we also offer a phone service, wireless service and audio streaming service.