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Urban treesit in Eugene

Urban treesit in Eugene protecting cedars
Forest activist "Ferret" has been occupying two Cedar trees in Eugene for the past two days.He is doing this to prevent the cutting of the two trees(an Incense Cedar,and a Port Orford Cedar,both large trees)by the city of Eugene.The city wants to cut these two trees down to "make room" for a clone of the "Owens Cherry tree", a large heritage tree in the Owens Rose garden.They claim they need to cut the two trees down to create a spot for the clone,since they planted the clone too close to the original Cherry. Since there are many other spaces available for the clone to be moved to,Ferret has taken to the trees to prevent this bad plan from being carried out. These large Cedar trees are healthy,and activists are exerting pressure on city goverment to modify their plans to save the Cedars. A meeting has been set to try and resolve the issue.Ferret is bravely dealing with rain and inclement weather to save these two lovely trees.More updates soon.
Discussion on Anarchist Radio News 08.Jan.2002 15:00

ARN aaceugene@hotmail.com

This action was discussed on Monday Jan 7th episode of Anarchist Radio News. Can be heard anytime at the adress listed here.

Got any pics? 09.Jan.2002 12:10


Are there any pictures of the urban treesit?