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please tone it down

All of this hoopla over the supposed "violence" of the riot cops needs to stop.
I was at both the Irving Park/YO and Parkrose High Rallys. I stood in the streets on the front line facing the Riot Police on several occasions. Yes, the police had problems controlling their horses and the horses seemed to be under enormous stress by our shouting, chanting, drumming, and dancing. However, the police showed enormous restraint, allowing us to block traffic and get our story on the news, and nudging us out of the street without a baton swung or tear gas fired. I was one of the last 10 people standing on 122nd and had to be pushed back by horses, and eventually Riot Cops (because the horses were not behaving). I was amazed at the gentleness of the police in pushing us back. We both (cops and protestors) should be happy--we got our story on the air (the media will only air us if we do something like shut down traffic for a little bit) and the cops didn't get the bum rap of violence. So give them a break and stop complaining about them, everyone should be happy for a very successful rally.
Yes, but.... 07.Jan.2002 18:46


Yes but the very fact that the police respond to dissent in such a way signifies the kind of society we live in. It shows that the State deals with dissent through fear and intimidation, not friendly dialogue. The fact that "our" police dress in such a fashion and come with all the weapons of hell shows that they are violent-violent,statist terrorist cogs of the Complex.

Please tone it UP! 08.Jan.2002 09:18

Wide Awake in America!

tone it up...
WAKE UP, eyes wide, move forward
Don't be surprised that America is lost
in militarism.

Our street are not ours
we must dawn black
hide our identity

There are war machines in the skies
their sights are on the people..workers, activists, voters,
those who believe and rely on democracy
they fly over baby carriages and mothers
old men and women afraid that HE is stealing THEIR money
held in Social Security
they fly and lie

Our youth have left us leftists
they do not want to live the lie
the storm troopers sneak through the streets

Tone it up
Tone it up
Tone it up

turn off the TV
move into the streets
they are moving the working class
to the edge of town, giving us a one-way ticket to
the space between civilization...
no jobs, no house, no food, no democracy

Tone it up
Tone it up
Tone it up

Wake it up..get marching
don your black mask and run
from protest to protest
keep your voice
don't give it up

Tone it up
Tone it up
Tone it up