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Seattle RTS 2: April 20th 3PM SCCC

No Shirt No Shoes No Pants No Problem!!!
RTS 2 in Seattle. The Party with a purpose is back!
April 20th- 3PM at SCCC (Seattle Central Community College- corner of Broadway and Pine)
Major music, major speakers, major fun.
Most people know what happened last time. Arrests, pepper spray, Lt. Whelan punching a girl in face in front of witnesses, observers being beaten, etc. As of yet we only have a general idea of how to mitigate illegal police violence. Rest assured though, a plan is being devised to let those not able or willing to endure illegal police actions still participate and to let the event still occur as planned. Creativity is our greatest weapon.
Seattle RTS.

Also: Either the night of the 19th or early in the day on the 20th a large teach-in on the G-8 and the planned protests in Calgary/Kananaskis will be happening.

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