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Pigs on Horses

Disgusting show of force by horse cops
Horses at protests should be used to block traffic(or better yet, not at all)not to intimidate people. I was totally digusted by the aggression show by the horse cops at the Parkrose site on Sunday. When we were around the corner from Roundtable Pizza, listening to Infernal Noise Brigade, I saw a young man chased down the delivery ramp of the building to the right of us. He was just in the wrong place and the horses were visibly frightened. We started chanting "The horses are with us!" I started thinking what a perfect excuse it is for the cops to hurt people. They wouldn't have to explain crushing someones skull in, just blame it on the horse. It would be a little more difficult to explain if it was just the cop bashing someones head in with his club. Also, did anyone see the lady that hit that guy on the 10:00 news. I guess it's not newsworthy to interview the kid that gets hit with a car outside of the 7-11, but the woman that commits vehicular assault because she's impatient gets press. That was channel 7 Sunday night.
I mean Saturday, sorry 07.Jan.2002 11:21


I mean Saturday at Parkrose and Saturday 10:00 news, sorry.

horses, cops and cars (oh my) 07.Jan.2002 11:34

repulsed by the aggression and ignorance!

Yes, a few of those horses were also appearing not just nervous but having problems with their bits (gnawing their bit furiously), one horse was frothing a bit at the mouth and was moving its bit around so much a few of us thought that it was actually choking on its tongue.

WE made repeated requests to that officer to "control his animal" or to double check that it was not uncomfortable or in need of water or something. As to be expected, he ignored us.

We screamed at them repeatedly not to use their horses as weapons. I wonder if they feel like TRUE MEN, using animals in such a way against peaceful protestors.

As for the newscast, did you notice that they said that the guy "jumped" on the hood of that car? The sheer arrogance is just nauseating. Yes, hitler controlled the media in this way, I'm sure he would be very proud of all the news channels and their revolting, one-sided depictions that aren't worth the electricity used to broadcast them.

fight the law and the law will fight back 07.Jan.2002 13:28

Ace Rockola

just be thankful your in a free contry pinkos. most other police forces woulda done more than "intimidate" you with horseys.

reply to Ace Rockola 07.Jan.2002 18:18

The PDX Prop Busta

In some countries the police might have been worse, yes, and the way to keep that from happening here is to draw attention to bad behavior when we see it. Indymedia's open publishing newswire is the perfect way for eye witnesses to get these sorts of details out there. Many people are unaware that the police here act as badly as they often do, and so getting the word out is very important.

Also, I would question your supposition that it is better here than other places. Look at how the powers-that-be are using the "justice system" and the police to destroy communities of color across this nation. In certain neighborhoods, and for certain complexions, it *is* as bad as in other countries. The folks who got pushed around by horses and clubs at Parkrose on Saturday were getting a taste of how life can feel everyday for other people, here in this country, and in others. If reading about it here awakes compassion and a thirst for change in other people, then we're on the right road.

The whole justice/police system is in dire need of reform, obviously, due to the institutionalized racism inherent in it. Let's work together to wake people up to the injustice so we can get the current system changed, or thrown out and replaced with something else. I believe that if enough people see what's wrong, they'll want to change it. And this site is a great place to inform.

horse responds to whistle commands 09.Jan.2002 18:38

medic zero

FYI-everyone's favourite horse cop(apparently the horse platoon's sargeant) has trained his horse to CHARGE at a whistle blast. when I gave the signal for the INB to come to a halt with my whistle the horse started to charge. the pig in question just managed to get his horse under control just before it ran me over. i think this was more of a panic response to his horse bolting out from under him rather than him caring about his horse plunging thru the crowd as he is notorious for doing just that. he immediately yelled at me to stop whistling and I complyed for the moment, mostly because I didn't want any of us to get hurt. it took him more than ten minutes to get his horse under some semblance of control after this...rumour has it that he is retiring, but I don't know if his horse will retire as well...i thought this is an important tidbit of info to pass on, especially as whistle are a common thing at demos...
-medic zero

Horses/antagonistic protesters 12.Jan.2002 03:30


One of the things I noticed about the protest was that the police were actually quite polite; asking people to 'please move over, we need to keep this area clear.' Several people chose to ignore these requests and repeatedly went back into the driveway; others, when asked to move back were confrontational and pushed forward. From my perspective, it looked like the officers were being 'baited' in the hopes that they would react negatively. One woman began yelling at a mounted officer, telling him she didn't know why 'you came CHARGING over here!', when in fact he had WALKED his horse over to her. She was attempting to insinuate some sort of 'police brutality' when in fact there was none. He had already asked her very politely to not block the driveway several times, and she continually went over and stood right back in the area he had asked her to move away from. In spite of her arguing and rudeness, he maintained his composure.

If the purpose of the protest is for PEACE, then pushing for CONFLICT tends to negate what is desired. Those guys were out there doing their jobs.

If the purpose of the protest is for PEACE, why were some of the 'protesters' hiding a stun gun in the bushes?

If the purpose of the protest is for PEACE, then DEMONSTRATE it.

police horses 19.Nov.2004 23:25

horse trainer

i just wanted to let people know that police horse are very hard to find it takes a very well minded horse to be one.and as for that persons coment about the horse chewing on the bit and stuff there are bits with rollers on them to allow the horse to chew.some horses get bored and like to chew on the bits. there are also bits that are called sweet iron bits there made to help produce sylyva so the horse can carry the bit better in his mouth.its funny how people think somthing when they have no clue about it