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Infernal Noise Brigade - for the love of country

The Infernal Noise Brigade entered the area at yesterdays protest and set a beat that allowed protesters to focus on standing their ground.
The Infernal Noise Brigade entered the area at yesterdays protests and set a beat that allowed protesters to focus on standing their ground. The group that hails from Seattle is also known for it's direct action street theatre, powerful music to the sound track of the WTO documentary "This is what democracy looks like" and other music. Visit thier website and thank them for showing the guts to stand up against the rising darkness of facisim.


Yesterday: This is what democracy looks like!
Fuck that chant 06.Jan.2002 17:07

anon anar

The Noise Brigade is way too cool to be constantly connected to the words "this is what democracy looks like" that pathetic chant was the worst part of seattle, other than perhaps "there aint no power..." It's been TWO YEARS since N30, can't you people come up with some chants that aren't so damned corny?

Fuck the majority making rules for me, fuck the arguement that if only this was a "real democracy" then it would be great (commies say the same b.s.), fuck demo-or any other-cracy. For goodness sake, we're on the verge of the end of the biosphere, the end of the last indigenous cultures, the end of humanity for all intents and purposes -- can we please jettison all the "stolen election," "reclaim our democracy/flag/presidency" rhetoric. Look- America is a lie, in fact it's looking like the lie that's going to destroy us all. It's allready destroyed most of the rest of the world. If I have to hear one more time, especially on the streets, that it just needs to be governed differently, I'm going to barf. It needs to end.

Three cheers for the noise brigade. If 20 more people would have made the level of contribution to that event that they did, it would have been a very very different event. Maybe not just a bunch of standing around, hoping the president will see our signs telling him things that he allready knows and is doing on purpose.

Yes More Projects 06.Jan.2002 17:25

also anon

I couldn't agree more about the need for more self-organized units. If a few groups of 20 people had projects ready to bust out. The INB is great, but we need other street action groups as well.

The Infernal Noise Brigade is the BEST 06.Jan.2002 18:26


The Anti-Fascist Marching Band/Infernal Noise Brigade is fantastic.
They're my heros, every one of them.
They're right at the epicenter of every protest and rally,
right up front when the police start cracking heads.
The INB turns it into a fun and uplifting event wherever they go.
I was SO happy to see them in Portland, both at the YO
and Parkrose High School.

Thank you INB!


fuck this fuck that rah rah rah 07.Jan.2002 00:29

commie anarcho

anon anarchist: what do you propose as an alternative to democracy? are you one of those ring wing free for all libertarians? or do you know something about anarchisms "commie" history?

What is Democracy? 07.Jan.2002 11:56

Douglas Lain doug@douglaslain.f2s.com

What is democracy? Democracy, as far as I understand it, is self rule. It means that the people are the government.

What is anarchism? Anarchy is self rule, or no rule. It means that the people directly manage their own affairs without intrusions from false authorities, elites, bureacrats, cops, or elected officials.

Direct democracy, in my mind anyhow, is anarchism. Direct democratic participation in the decision making that most directly impacts your life is what anarchism is all about.

The chant "this is what democracy looks like" is not a call for reform of the corrupt US system. It is a call for direct participatory democracy.

Without real understanding of what democracy is, without a realization of direct democracy, we don't have much of a chance of surviving. The biosphere is collapsing, and if we can't understand that what happened on Saturday is indeed "what democracy looks like" we don't have a chance.

Got it?


INB is NOT the anti-fascist marching band! 09.Jan.2002 18:05

medic zero kral@infernalnoise.org

FYI- the Infernal Noise Brigade is an entirely different group from the anti fascist marching band
thank you PDX for the warm welcome and all the thanks!
-medic zero

YOUR BOTH RIGHT! 18.Jan.2002 20:46


doug and anon have made some real fresh assertions that i think hit the mark. i love to see real actions taken that strike at government. i think anon's summation of our plight is true. doug seams to have taken his head out of the books and garnered a real life understanding of anarchy.
now if we are going to revolt and take back our lives i don't think that we can do it alone. please try to be construtive. thanks!