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Protesters stand up to power

let the white bird smile up at those that stand and frownProtesters Saturday stood up in the face of raw evil to challenge the latest regime wielding the power of the state as the Commander-in-Thief, pResident Bush visited Portland's areas of economic devastation; areas made so via the policies of his cronies and earlier programs of corporate welfare and greed.

Heavily armored troopers and a military helicopter were present as the only visible sign of terror at the protests, yet the crowd remained undaunted. The highlights of the rallies occurring at Northeast Youth Opportunity Center (YO) and Parkrose High School are given in a detailed account, as called in to Indymedia during the actions.

Many people who were at the day's actions posted their stories to the Open Publishing Newswire:





Neither George W. nor his father are popular in the Portland area, due to their life-long commitments to war, oil, racism, sexism, homophobia, the destruction of the environment and creeping fascism in general. This visit will cost Portland by adding to the city budget problems and increasing the likelihood of taxes being raised to cover the costs of law enforcement.

In a related incident to this event activists from Eugene on the way to the protest were forced off the road in supiscious circumstances.

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