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Bush, Scared of Accountability, Hides Papers From Public View

pResident Bush, last November, took steps to permanently seal 68,000 memos and other papers left by the Reagan/Bush administration of the 1980s, penning an executive order that effectively counteracts a 1978 law mandating their release.

Bush's order permanently seals confidential correspondence between former president Reagan, pResident Bush's father, and their aides, many of whom now serve top spots in the current Bush administration.

It is becoming clearer that Bush, and all his cronies from his fathers administration have much to hide. Step by step they are closing off avenues whereby Congress, or any citizens could find out the truth. Bush, in asking for military tribunals, wants to keep everything secret. In hiding tens of thousands of documents, many of which pertain to people close to him and may contain evidence of wrong doing, he has again closed a door that should be open.

It is criminal that someone, with such a clear conflict of interest, should be able to forever hide history from those who would seek to uncover it. Only a guilty party would do this.

Bush Seals Documents From Reagan/Bush Presidency