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fix your flats and check yer brakes
critical mass this friday!
last ride of 2001!
meet a 5:30 under the
west side of the burnside bridge!

2 wheels good, 4 wheels bad!
monkey-powered microwave!


address: address: PDX

Rock on! Just don't be hypocrites! 28.Dec.2001 12:20

Randy cfrb@pdx.edu

Bike power, right on! I love Critical Mass and rode with it several times (including that one Xmas ride where all those people got busted by bike-hating coppers). But I quit riding because of silly CMers BOOING people in cars. Like they've never ridden in a car? I remember one elderly couple in an El Dorado being yelled at by some asswipe for driving. I was like, "What? It's November, dark and they're 70. Stop harrasing my grandparents!" I haven't ridden in a CM since.

But don't let a few idiots spoil it. Bikes need to be taken seriously. I got into a fight with a jerk in a mini-van this morning who was driving in the bike lane. Just don't piss off the polite drivers. Running over cyclists could become a popular sport, otherwise.

Have fun! Be safe! Kiss a cop!