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a war/peace xmas poem

a war/peace xmas poem from the eugene love rEvolutionaries. "happy xmas -- war is over if you want it."
Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the land
there's no peace in the world
especially for the Afghans

while consumers make mad dashes
to buy more stuff at malls
no one seems to think about
the bombs as they fall

our children fast asleep,
dreaming in warm beds
are wishing for guns and video games
that'll teach them how to kill dead

'hos 'hos 'hos
merry Christmas
spend spend spend
watch the national debt grow
will the buying never end?

"buy more" says president bush:
"rack up them there uhh credit cards
and doen you worry about them terrorist evildoers
while you shop we're bombing them hard"

"that's right - we're working to make you safe
we'll soon be drilling for oil
and them people there in afghanistan
will be dead and their land despoiled"

"twin tower collapse, anthrax traps
bombs planted even in shoes
yup, our plan is going great guns
we've got you covered with the latest news"

"we'll make manly soldiers of your sons
them boys'll be doin our job for us
we've taught 'em young to play with guns
don't let 'em cry or put up a fuss"

"your minds are filled with sugar coated lies
duped, stupid, deaf, dumb and blind
we've got you just where we want you
ah, this war's a clever disguise"

"you think we're looking out for yer best interest
wire taps, surveillance bugs, rights revoked
and now you're under our control
while the real reason's cloaked"

"so have yourself's a merry little Christmas
and doen worry 'bout Afghanistan
they're all bad people, all of 'em
for harboring an evil man"

"wave them flags high and proud
let the whole world know
that we are standin'-tall Americans
and for safety our freedom can go"

"god has blessed our violent ways
he looks kindly on our guns
bloodshed is our redemption
our race -- um, er country -- is the chosen one"

the popular voice, they all say:
"whatever the president says is great
he's doin' his best with a difficult job
it's not for us to debate"

well, I must say, that I don't agree
with bushie or all those sheeps
I won't buy sweatshop clothes
or walk around half-asleep

what I want for Christmas
is peace for all humankind
love+solidarity, no boundaries
and freedom for the common mind

food for the hungry
everyone their own bed
equal human rights
all people clothed and fed

an end to war in all its forms
whether country, faith or kin
it's time to see us all as one
no difference exists within