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Buenos Aires, Midnight of the Night After

Argentine anarchist group looks at the situation after the fall of De la Rua.

Governor Kirchner was not mistaken when he said that [the recently resigned ex-president] De la Rua was kicked out due to the heroic resistance of the youth of Argentina. It is a pity that the Governor, speaking from his imported chauffeur driven limousine did not have the moral authority to open his mouth in the name of those he neither defended nor accompanied in the street battles.

We cannot accept that the blood shed by our comrades is assumened by the Partido Justicialista (Peron followers), which, with great smiles, formed a new cabinet today.

Meanwhile, in our neighbourhoods, the governmental secret services are continuing to spread fear, paranoia and battles between one neighbourhood and another (the media is constantly announcing that private houses are being looted by the hordes of poor citizens, but they never show a single photograph, quite the opposite of the looting of supermarkets and shops). Despite this, we have decided to start an ideological debate with others in those neighbourhoods where are self-managed peoples' organisations are present. It is in these areas where we will call on the other organisations to study what has happened and to develop a way of acting which will allow us to reorganise against the terror of the State and to organise self-management, or at least, the seeds towards it.

On the other hand, on Sunday the authorities will return to us the body of our comrade, Carlos, with whom we shared militancy in the struggle against the authorities, with the unemployed, against the continental trade and government agreements. Although we do not belong to the same political organisation, we share the call for unity amongst those who fight along the same lines of class struggle.

It seems that yesterday happened a month ago. We are affected by the fatigue of our bodies and the resignation that an insurrectional struggle has given rise to a total takeover of State control by the most rancid and corrupt forms of Peronism. The heirs of Menem are taking the reins of the government of Argentina over the over the assassinated bodies of a society which, without tools or self-managed organisational structures, gave their lives to put an end to injustice, but was unable, or did not know how, or did not wish to build its own history. Nobody gave his or her life for Menemism to return, or for an aggiornamento of Menesm. The lesson to be learnt, nevertheless, from spontaneity is that "a rIo revuuelto la ganancia es de los pescadores." (A quick translation: Only fishermen take advantage of troubled waters.)

The victory of the people has been expropriated by an gang of thieves, the reconstruction of self-resistance must be based on experience. We are starting this experience right now, while, it must be repeated, working class neighbourhoods are suffering repression from the police and statal intelligence services.

Arriba los que luchan!

ORGANIZACION SOCIALISTA LIBERTARIA (OSL): libertaria@infovia.com.ar Peri?dico EN LA CALLE, ?rgano de difusi?n del anarquismo organizado.

Translated by Apoyo Mutuo: www.red-libertaria.org