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Learning from Argentina

Check out our website and join the discussion. Our guests are intelligent and well informed. I promise you'll enjoy the show.
On Monday night, Anarchist Radio News will host an online discussion about how the rest of the world can learn from and support the uprising in Argentina. The show will be broadcast live from 5 to 7 PM, West Coast U$ Time, and will loop continually until Thursday night's show. Listeners can join in by sending us e-mails, which will be responded to durring the show. Check out our web page, especially the December 6th episode from the archives. That night's guest was a woman who spent a year in Bolivia, discussing last April's succesful highway blockades against the IMF mandated privatization of the water supply and the current highway blockades demanding an end to the US imposed War on Drugs. ARN is easy to listen to and can be heard while you surf around the rest of the internet!


homepage: homepage: http://www.redcloudthunder.org/arn