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Holiday protest carols

And now for something completely different, as Monty
Python says. Why not liven up your next holidays
gathering with festive Christmas carols making fun of
John Ashcroft?


Walking down the street, carrying a sign,
This is a free country so you're gonna be just
From the armored line, someone points you out,
Suddenly you're dragged off
And you didn't even shout---HEY!

FBI, FBI, watching what we do.
Oh what fun, to live your life,
When you know they're watching you--HEY!
FBI, FBI, leave my friends alone!
We're not gonna back down,
So you might as well go home.

Sitting in your house, suddenly a knock--
You've got Fifth Amendment rights,
So you don't have to talk--RIGHT???
It's an envelope, an order to appear,
In front of a Grand Jury or get locked up for a

They're listening to your phone, reading your e-mail,
Paying off your buddies, putting agents on your tail.
Going through your file, writing their report,
Fabricating evidence for when you go to court--HEY!!


Up on the housetops, what do I spy?
Oh my God, it's the FBI!
Peeking down the chimney, watching me.
They even wiretapped the Christmas tree!

Ho ho ho, we say NO!
Ho ho ho, we say no-o.
Stop Mister Ashcroft, quick quick quick,
The FBI is making us sick!

They've infiltrated Santa's sled,
Because the government thinks he's Red.
Riding around givin' stuff away
He doesn't shop in the USA!

Interrogations and profiles
Mass detentions, secret trials
War hysteria's really whacked!
Let's get rid of the Patriot Act!

"Your flag decal won't get you into heaven anymore.
They're already overcrowded, from your dirty little
Now Jesus don't like killing, no matter what the
reason's for.
And your flag decal won't get you into heaven

--John Prine (from his "John Prine" album, 1971)