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FOX News goes after the ELF as "Domestic Terrorists"

Summer of Fox News Boradcast about the ELF.
Well its started. The media has turned its sights on the "domestic Terrorists." In other words any "radical" environmental organization. Fox News just had a nice little piece on the ELF as their example of a domestic terrorist group. They focused on the property caused by the ELF, and how the whole group is a bunch of educated white middle class west coast kids. They also made sure to work in that the ELF used "Protecting Mother Earth" as a front for senseless vandalism. They also likened the ELF to Al-Qada in its structure. Shortened up, they made the ELF to be a whiny rich youth centered Terrorist group that has yet to kill any one, and uses Environmentalism as a front.
Who's next? PETA? Green Peace? EF!? Adbusters? IndyMedia? YOU?
Things are just starting to heat up boys and girls.
Accountability finally gets the upper hand 22.Dec.2001 19:19


Unfortunately for the 'peace movement' and lovers of anti-capitalism, this type of reporting is finally shining a big light on a legitimate story of property damage, and a method of protest that never works.

Social change cannot be forged from lawlessness or anti-capitalist behavior. Let's face it, bombing a McDonalds is not exactly going to change the world. Unfortunately for those self annointed as the 'social' and 'polital' conscience of the under priviliged, striking out at legitimiate business inteests only displays the futility and double standard of such a positon.

The way to change corporate behavior is from the inside not the out side. Get a job, pay taxes, become relevant, and your view will be heard. Strike out at benign corporate targets, and be subjected to media criticism that is well deserved.

Our forefathers were the capitalists of the day. They struck back at a king who demanded too much from them. They changed society by being part of the process, not sniping at the heels of those in power.

Scott:making King George the 3rd happy 22.Dec.2001 20:23


The founders weren't acting as "part of the process" they took up arms and overthrew the established order.

bucket of cold water 22.Dec.2001 20:28


ha ha ha

scott, you are so blind

the boston tea party was property destruction, and by todays definition would be classified as a terrorist act

and the so called forefathers did not work with the system, they had a freakin revolution and overthrew it

and the people who did it then are called heroes.

the people who act today on behalf of truth and all living creatures are heroes as well

just the cling to the status quo, head in the sand americans are so attached to their material comforts and afraid of the truth, that they attack anyone who actually stands up to demand a change rather than just preach rhetoric.

wake up!!

The process is the problem 22.Dec.2001 23:49

marshall aaceugene@hotmail.com


see Ivan Illich's "Deschooling Society" at

excuse me 23.Dec.2001 17:56

cliff pdx

Zenji- Did scott attack anyone who stands for mother earth? No,he was speaking about the ELF in specific-He has a right to his opinion,after all,the actions of the "night" groups,or more correctly individuals utilizing the names ELF,ALF, are supposedly all about people forming opinions,changing their opinions,and calling attention to critical situations that the earth and animals are being put in.I'd say if enough "common citizens" start expressing dismay and dissatisfaction with the tactics of the "night groups" maybe this is a strong indication that these tactics are not the best to use.My guess is that Scott was not talking about "anyone" who stands up for mother earth-he,like many folks out there probobly thinks the ELF actions are too scary for the masses to relate to.It is possible that arsons and aggressive tactics like that might distract from the issues that do need immediate attention.I wonder how someone who claims to be altruistic,and deeply caring about the enviornment could utilize tactics that could be construed as overtly criminal? I do feel as though the acts these "night" folks carry out are minor in comparison to the things corporations and industrys do. But I have my serious doubts that they are utilizing the most effective tactics in the long run.Read the "Earth First! journal" that came out about a month ago,the one with the skull on the front-read the interview with "Free",he raised some great points about ELF sabotage.He said it generates alot of intense media attention. I feel this is true,but could folks gain this level of coverage with other tactics that the masses could understand and were less risky? Both for the people doing the actions, and for response persons? I REALLY don't like to see intelligent,effective,dedicated activists going to prison for caring deeply. Isn't there a better way? THINK FOR YOURSELF!thanks for listening

forefathers? 24.Dec.2001 01:56


The so-called forefathers all came from the priveleged class. They all had connections with English royalty, tons of money, vast estates and a lot, a lot of power. At no time did they represent the ordinary people who laboured to provide them with an extravagant living on this continent. All they wanted was an unplundered continent to make them richer. And they damn well got it.

Let's not buy into the Amerikan mythology about the founders of this country. The American Revolution was a power grab - for the mostly rural population of the first colonies, life never changed due to the revolution. Sure, some wealthy educated and enigmatic folk told people that they were "free" and that "liberty", their "god granted right" was now theirs, but the reality of life in America was as it has always been: you work and work and work your life away and the people at the very top reap the fruits of your labor.

Getting a job, paying your taxes and so forth only means you're spending your time working for the system. Nothing effective about that at all, it's just tying you up so you can't spend your time either critiquing what's going on, or doing anything constructive to change things. Like destroying fast food restaurants, because if enough people did it consistently, the cost of rebuilding them would exceed their local profits and they'd pull the hell out of town. Just like Taco Bell in Arcata.