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Klamath farmers-do they qualify as domestic terrorists

Are the Klamath farmers terrorists?
Since I heard the goverment's report indicating a strong undercurrent of racism on the part of the Klamath farmers unto the Native peoples who held the Sucker Fish and the Salmon sacred,I propose that the Farmers and ranchers who took action at the headgates deserve some real scrutiny. Any group of people who can intimidate federal marshals while carrying sidearms could probobly qualify as domestic terrorists in my book. They are not heros in my eyes.They are a bunch of hooligans who protect their own interests,all the while ignoring the wishes of natives.If any protest in the country deserved to be repressed during the last several years,this was the one. If anarchists or any liberal group even thought about trying to use these tactics,they would most likely be shot on sight. Militant farmers thought they are entitled to receive water just because they have in the past. Well, i've got news for them-the only sure thing in this world is change. When the local cops appeared at a public rally and threatened Andy Kerr and Wendall Wood(Oregon Natural Resources Council)this just illustrated the level of stupidity in the Klamath region.If this does not qualify as terrorism,using terror to influence people and intimidate them,I must not understand the meaning of the word! A grand jury should be investigating the headgates protests,participants should be identified and prosecuted.These bullys deserve it!
Kill the suckers! 22.Dec.2001 08:29

Larry Wood

Support Klamath Farmers, exterminate the sucker fish!

If the farmers aren't terrorists 22.Dec.2001 12:08

se pdx

Then ELF certainly isn't. ELF doesn't carry guns and doesn't threaten people, only property. The argument that firefighters are threatened by ELF-set fires would then place suburbanites, careless with their christmas trees, in the terrorist category.

Though it was nice seeing white people get off their asses and stand up for something, it's disheartening to realize they, once again, were just standing up for their right to what's not necessarily theirs. Same stale story.

At least groups like ELF are fighting for all our rights to live in a healthier, freer world. OK, if you're a greedy corporation, a media-brain-washed consumer, or get a hard-on being a cog in the life-crushing machine, ELF is not fighting for you. Point taken.

Sucker for Sucker fish 23.Dec.2001 18:09

Sucker Fish

Hey that comment about suburbanites and christmas trees-thats really grasping at straws-good humor though! Anyway I too feel that the ELF and ALF are not even in the same league as the Klamath farmers. They are more like "uncommon criminal" to me,although I do feel the atrocities commited by corporations and industry are much worse than the tactics the underground groups practice. The Klamath farmers are truely frightening and they should be identified and prosecuted if they did break any gun laws or threaten anyone.

farmer conspiracy 11.Feb.2002 14:47

Jennifer Smith

Who, exactly, are these Klamath farmers that were protesting? Do they have some form of organization, or is it simply a group of armed people grouped together and stereotyped the "farmers".