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Greetings from Argentina

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The day after in argentina 21.Dec.2001 10:55

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The day after in Argentina (english)
by L. 6:45am Fri Dec 21 '01

The president De la Rua resigned. 26 were murder by the police in the riots.

Buenos Aires woke up today in the middle of smoke and disaster due to the riots that took place yesterday in the center of the city near the main square (Plaza de Mayo). Even the stain of blood of the 6 people murder remain like yesterday afternoon.
The incredible riot was something never seen before, at least since I was born (i'm 22).
We fought the police with anything we had, rocks and sticks, while they were using tear gas, rubber bullets, and real ones.
People coming from every where, were whilling to give their lives in the clash.

Now we reached at least 1 of our aims, re resignation of the president, but this is not enough; because at this moment the peronist (the biggest party of the "opposition") are taking the power, and obsolutly nothing is going to change because y=they are also resposible for all of the economic situation, the external debt, the 20% of unoccupied people.
They are forcing a devaluation (i'm sorry but i don't know how is the accurate translation)that is going to cause more hunger and sorrow for the working people, and will only benefit the big national corporations.
But i believe things have changed in the last 48 hours, let's see what happens next and how long this peronist goverment last.

ps: forgive my grammar mistakes