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BUFFALO NEWS-- 16 Bison saved

Buffalo Field Campaign update:
In this issue:
*An Update from the Field. Buffalo Field Campaign Volunteers Protect 16 Bison; Four Sent to Slaughter.
*A Letter of Thanks from Su Greggerson, BFC's Development Coordinator
December 20, 2001

In this issue:
*An Update from the Field. Buffalo Field Campaign Volunteers Protect 16 Bison; Four Sent to Slaughter.
*A Letter of Thanks from Su Greggerson, BFC's Development Coordinator

It has been another snowy week in the mountains of southern Montana and we are grateful for the much needed moisture. We are in mourning, though, for the loss of four bull bison that were hauled to slaughter before dawn this morning. Six bulls were captured this week; two on Tuesday at Duck
Creek and four on Wednesday at the Horse Butte bison trap. The two bulls that tested negative for brucellosis antibodies were painted, tagged and released at Horse Butte.

There were twenty bulls in the Horse Butte area on Wednesday morning and through the efforts of BFC volunteers and the
guile and power of the bison, sixteen were able to escape the trap. While we mourn the loss we also rejoice, knowing that these incredibly majestic bulls still grace the Montana landscape. It is an odd but familiarfeeling, surrounded by the beauty of something truly wild, but constantly
witnessing the ignorance and greed that threatens to destroy it.

During the operation, BFC volunteers raised two flagpoles. The flags displayed a red, white and blue bison and the words, "Spirit of America, Wild and Free." After the bison were captured, the flags were lowered to half mast to symbolize the great loss to the ecosystem, our nation, and
the world. Not only a loss of individual animals, but a loss of genetic diversity in a herd that already suffers from a genetic bottleneck. As our government indiscriminately removes animals, it also severely threatens
the long- term health of these last, pure descendants of the massive herds that once graced most of North America.

In spite of our setbacks the BFC family continues to grow. Volunteers come and go, and we have had a good number for this early in the season. Some are heading home for the holidays, but will return soon, their commitment to the buffalo stronger. We can always use more volunteers, so please contact us if you have any time to visit our camp. Knowing that there are thousands of supporters around the world makes our work easier.

As the long nights begin to shorten and the sunrays start to get a little longer in the north, we go within and count our blessings.

The Buffalo Field Campaign is a large, organic being; full of energy--full of spirit. We are so very thankful that you share our hopes, our sorrows and our visions. We thank you for your prayers, letters, thoughts and contributions.

There are so many of you that help in so many ways - I couldn't begin to name you all - but you know who you are! The volunteers working so hard in the cold can feel the buffalo's strength - as can the busy commuter in the city who reads the email and takes the time to forward it or send a letter to an official or support our work with a check.

We give thanks for the buffalo's blessings and wish you a love-filled,peaceful holliday season.

Thanks so much!

for the earth,
Su Gregerson
BFC Program Development Coordinator

Buffalo Field Campaign Programs
POB 957
West Yellowstone, Montana 59758

Donations are tax deductible and go directly to front lines work.
BFC is the only group in the field 365 days a year with the last,
free roaming buffalo.

"This bison herd is as important to this country as Old Faithful, as
the Statue of Liberty, as the Grand Canyon. This particular bison herd is
the most genetically pure bison herd we have in America today. They've not
been interbred with cattle, they are exactly the way they were a thousand
years ago."
--Don Barry, Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Interior