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Please Help to Establish a Permanent Base Camp in Humboldt Co., CA

Please Help make this vision a reality...with just $10 and some networking, we can create a permanent base camp and sustainable permaculture community...this can work, all we need is a little inspiration and cooperation:)
Please Help!
Please Help!
Your $10 donation will help to create a permanent base camp, open year-round, which will also double as a sustainable permaculture community.

The idea is to buy some land in Humboldt County, California, which will be a place where the Humboldt forest activist community can do trainings, grow gardens, build Earthen shelters, have a sweat lodge, relax and heal, get bodywork, play some music, and, basically, have a revolutionary outpost, which will last for generations to come.

We figure that if we can get 6,000 people to send us just $10, we can do it. Even if 2,000 donated, we could put a large downpayment down for some land, and fundraise the rest in similar and creative ways.

So, PLEASE, send this e-mail to ALL of your friends and relatives, and encourage them to do the same.
If you can spare just $10, you could help make a dream come true, and you would always be welcome to come live, visit, train, relax, go to the woods to do civil disobedience for the forest, play, etc.
We need permanent outposts for the Revolution, and we don't have to work for corporate generica for years and years to make it happen...let's network:)

You can send cash, checks, or money orders to:
Shunka (make out checks and m.o.s to "Jason Wilson")
c/o North Coast Earth First!
P.O. Box 28
Arcata, CA

We can make this work...let's do it!!!!

P.S. Larger donations will also be accepted and appreciated:)

phone: phone: (707)269-9731
address: address: P.O. Box 28, Arcata, CA 95518