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help with my joke......

a joke or not a laughing matter at all
so, maybe someone can help me figure out the punch line to this joke (or maybe its reality):

whats the difference between the police
and the military?

your answers would be great........

punchlines 20.Dec.2001 15:55


Ok these are off the cuff so don't expect them to be too funny....

10: The police pretend to care.

9: The military have neater cars... bigger guns... and more targets.

8: The military is trained to do their job.

7: I don't know but the haircuts are the same.

6: Cops get doughnuts and the military gets MREs.

5: The waistline.

4: Cops say "Freeze!"

3: Soldiers swear to uphold the constitution and protect the country from "all enemies, external and internal"... cops just swear.

2: Soldiers die young and cops die old and fat.

Finally, the number one difference between the military and the police.....

(I think that I will leave that one to someone with a bigger funny-bone)