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Portland March discussed tonight on Anarchist Radio News

Please join us for this important discussion.
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Tonight on Anarchist Radio News, our guests discuss the impending crisis of welfare "reform" and two anti-war marches in Eugene and Portland Oregon in the last two weeks. Our guests are two of the most dynamic, fired up, well informed and hardworking anarchist activists I have ever met. Please join us, especially for the discussion of welfare reform, because large numbers of poor and working people are about to suffer another major hit, and we need to be responding before it happens. Our guests will also focus on the impacts of this on women. Don't miss it! ---ARN host, Marshall Kirkpatrick

ARN is a web-based political talk show that you can listen to easily. If you don't allready have RealPlayer, you can download Shoutcast Audio from our page to hear the show. RealPlayer works too, but Shoutcast is better. Check it out and tell your friends!

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PLEASE find out about the highway blockades going on right now in Bolivia, fighting and dying to resist the US War on Drugs. Daily news at  http://www.narconews.com

Help spread the word about the Model Health Emergency Powers Act, proposed legislation that allows states to enact mass quarantine and mandate vaccination. It's frightening!
read a summary via www.law.com (search Emergency Health Powers) and go to www.healthprivacy.org for the text of the bill and a critique from Georgetown U.
Stuff's getting way worse, way fast and we all need to know it!
www.foodnotlawns.com Info about other ways to live!

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