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CIA linked to anthrax attacks

THE FBI is concentrating its hunt for the source of the anthrax used to terrorise America on laboratories used by the CIA and British government scientists.
Only five laboratories, including the defence science and technology laboratories at Porton Down, Salisbury, have been found to have spores of anthrax identical to the bacteria sent through the post to two Democratic senators and news organisations in New York and Florida.

But frustrated FBI agents say they have not been able to find enough information about security at Porton Down - one of the most secretive establishments in Britain - to decide whether it could be the source of the terrorists' anthrax.

Another focus of the FBI inquiry is the CIA, which has been conducting experiments on anthrax in the interests of defence from germ warfare.

Both Porton Down, directly, and the CIA, indirectly, received their samples of the particular anthrax spores used in the attacks from the US army medical research institute of infectious diseases at Fort Detrick, about 50 miles north of Washington.

Sources in the FBI said the CIA was under investigation because of the bureau's "interest" in a contractor which used to work for the agency in its anthrax project.
CIA ties to New York Victim? 21.Dec.2001 13:00

A. Interested Citizen

I have wondered about the woman from Vietnam who died in New York city from anthrax. I seem to remember that sponsorship was required for Vietnamese to get into the United States in 1978. Someone ought to be investigating who sponsored her and whether she had ties to US intelligence operations in Vietnam.

It was no accident that these attacks on Democratic leaders started when their was some reluctance in the Senate to go along with all of what George Bush was proposing to fight the war on terrorism.

My guess is that they know who is responsible for this but they can't openly arrest them for fear of revealing covert intelligence activities.

Of course all of that is likely just my paranoia created by Ashbrook and company.