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Time to burn my ISO membership

today I have decided to leave the ISO. This movement and what it represents means much more to me than a group of power driven politicans known as the ISO. Today I will destroy my membership card and the newspapers I have for the week.
here it is. I will post my picture by the end of tonight. in the meantime click on the link below
nice 19.Dec.2001 17:46

a supporter

i'm involved in the national student movement to end the war in afghanistan right now and the ISO is wreaking havoc on our main listserve and local gatherings. Their need to have everything go their way is uncalled for.

why is it that so many radical people of color I know call themselves socialists but the ISO is primarily white men with a need to be right/control?


in support of honest, clean, organizing so that we may build power together and win victories that make a difference in oppressed people's lives, not create a new and useless anaylsis,

your friend

Welcome, companer@ 19.Dec.2001 20:41

voline voline@mac.com

What are you thinking? That creating social change is more important than building The Party? That we don't need a Central Committee to tell us what to do?

Well, step on in companer@, and welcome! Welcome to working with others on a basis of equality. I think you'll find that it's fun to put your ideals into practice as you work for change.