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U.S. is the Greatest Rogue State

America is the greatest present threat to humanity
Lets start thinking for ourselves people! America is the true rogue state. As many of us already know the things that really pull the strings of power are the richest people in the world. It is only a matter of fortune and economic factors that many of these individuals are "American". These megabillionares control the Complex in their favour by controlling the government. They do this through their vast wealth, hence controlling of the electoral system, legal system, militaryindustrial system.

If this is the case than the only hope for humanity is to fight the hard fight. All of us have got to recognize that the system is unreformable. Western Civilization has had 7000 years to come up with a just society-to no avail. We must CRUSH the complex we live under. Industrialization and Capatilism are impossible both humanly and ecologically. Let us than work towards the total collapse of the Complex while living out just alternatives!!