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Questions For Volksfront


I was just checking out the Oregon Spotlight where they bring up some contradictions between Tom Metzger vision and VF's vision of an Aryan homeland. Its interesting. Since VF seems to post here regularly, I was wondering if someone from VF could answer these questions:

1. Why did VF and Metzger eat at a Chinese restaurant and entertain themselves w/ Karaoke (a Japanese creation) by singing a song written by a Jew? Is it cool to enjoy the culture of other's but not the people?

2. VF has mentioned they would execute all the drug dealers yet Metzger says smoking pot is fine? What's the digs?

And then there are the following questions which I thought were interesting

1) Who is "white"?

2) How do you create a white only homeland without genocidal violence?

3) Do you think the United States government would allow the secession of a corner of the nation, especially knowing that so many Americans' civil rights would be destroyed in the process? (remember how the last "civil war" turned out?)

4) Who gets repatriated and to where? What about bi-racial or multi-ethnic people?

5) Who is in charge of the execution of sex-offenders and rapists?

6) What form of government will the white homeland have?

7) Will you still be able to watch reruns of Seinfeld? What will white-only culture look and sound like?

8) What countries would not sanction Aryanland? (remember South Africa?)

9) What if a white woman is raped by a National Socialist and sneaks down to California to have an abortion. Do you kill the rapist or her?

hmmm 19.Dec.2001 12:06



good thinking 19.Dec.2001 12:14


excellent questions.

Answers 19.Dec.2001 17:13


ooh ooh, I wanna' take the test!

1: VF and Metzger ate at a chinese resturant and sang Karaoke because it is ok to be served and entertained by inferior races. As long as they know their place.

2: Yeah, you kill the dealers and cut out the middle man.

Interesting Questions

1: If you don't know who is white you must be a Jew.

2: Well you start with a religious society based on greco-roman philosophies, add to it a strong economy backed by giant corporations who have control over the political systems, throw in a touch of class seperatism in which the dominating "race" controls all of the money. From here it is easy to control and eradicate the rat-races and purify the country..... oh, you said without genocidal violence... um... got me.

3: The U.S. will support anything that makes its holdings and equity grow. If you can figure out how to do that then you have succeeded.... by the way, look at Idaho.

4: You don't need to repatriate anyone who is dead.

5: Why the supreme leader of La La land of course.

6: Government? With all of the inbreeding and lynchings there won't be any time for government.

7: Yes you will still see Sienfeld, see answer #1. But the society will look and feel a lot like a retirement home with a lot of drunk elderly nazis... (see Idaho)

8: Any country that will not sanction the Aryan homeland will be taunted and made fun of in the weekly editorial. There may even be talk of war if they can get around to it before the government colapses... and as long as it dosen't get in the way of all of that inbreeding.

9: You kill them both... The rapist for his crime and the woman for going to California.

I hope that by now you can see that I am kidding ;)

"Live free or die."

Volksfront Response 20.Dec.2001 04:08

Svenska news@volksfront-usa.org

Of course it is acceptable to enjoy food and music from other cultures. So long as the culture of our people is not destroyed and defamed, I think understanding other peoples is important. Regarding the differences in views between Mr. Metzger and our organization, and there are several. We were interested in hearing what Tom had to say on certain issues including: the class struggle, Morris "the pedophile" Dees, and the left wing origins of the racialist movement created by men such as Jack London. It would be equitable to ask, "Do you endorse every view of every speaker at PSU?". It was also an important use of symbolism to have Tom frequent local restaurants and bars and talk to people.

In response to your quiz.

1. A person is "White" if they trace their indigenous roots to the continent of Europe and exhibit the unique characteristics of the "Caucasian/Aryan" racial group. A person who views himself/herself as White and who society views as White.

2. We create a homeland simply by building it. By immigration of Europeans/Whites to the Northwest. By creation of businesses, schools and community support organizations. Violence in defense of our people, freedom, and human rights is acceptable under historical and legal standard. Violence is not a tool we seek to employ except when all other options for the circumstance have failed. It is important to note that "native-Americans" and the United States Government and Mexican government all employed violent ethnic cleansing policies here, not us.

3. Very good question. Of course they would not. It is our opion that the imperialist zionist government will one day collpase on it's own accord due to it's attacks on innocents all over the world. I believe the multi-cultural term is, "karma". We plan to create a society within the structure of the existing one to ensure the safety and social needs of our people are met should circumstances make the current regime unable to rule this area. An important precedent to watch is the Quebec spearatist movement. If Quebec suceeds then Western English speaking Canada can be expected to suceed shortly after. Also examine the Aztlan movement in the Southwest and the Black Islamic claims to the south, there are more groups working towards this same end than European-Americans. We are, in fact, in contact with both the Aztlan movement and the Nation of Islam and have quite a decent working relationship with them. We do support a state's right of secession.

4. Repatriation. People will get to move where they wish. Perhaps the creation of a multi-racial state is in order? It is important to note that persons living here will be allowed to live out their lives if they reject the offer of relocation to a nation of their choice. Immigration of non-Whites will be halted until their is 100% employment and a high demand for labor. Those who deny the offer of repatriation, will be able to live here under a protected status but not allowed to serve in military, government, media, educational (except in classes were they teach foreign language or culture), or financial institutions. Acording the UN declaration of Human Rights all people have the right to live in freedom, autonomy and with self-determination of government.

5. The legal system is in charge of execution of sex offenders and rapists. The current legal system was in its creation based on the European model, such as a twelve person jury. We feel sex offenses are the lowest of crimes and will not tolerate this scum to live among us. The legal system will be in some ways similar to that which exists with more oversight by citizen review commitees.

6. Our government is a Constitutional Democracy. Certain elements of the constitution will be unalterable. Leaders are chosen for their merits, we will erase the two party tyranny in political institutions. It is important we note that Volksfront has had 6 different presidents since 1994.

7. Please refer to the section regarding Chinese food. It is one thing to enjoy other cultures and something entirely different to be dominated by them.

8. In a changing world it is hard to say what countries would or would not saction a free White state. Obviously some would not. However, will be a competely self-reliant economy and end the demand for foreign oil by replacing the enviromentally damaging combustian engine cars with alterative powers sources etc. Once the word understands we are non-agressive and just,we are confident we will have all the world support we need. We are not recreating the the Third Reich, despite what so many say. This is a public scare tactics used to provoke police and social witch-hunts.

9. Although I can see your intended joke, I will answer this question seriously. We would kill the offender without hesitation. The woman would most likely have no problems. Although we oppose abortion as birth-control, we feel certain circumstances may warrant abortion for reasons of moriality or health. In cases of rape, incest, possible retardation, threat to the mothers life or the medical inability of the child to live a happy productive life.

I am sure many people will post their little retorts and remarks, but this is not a dream it is a reality and we are in fact a good way along in creating our own self-relaint society in the Northwest. If we wanted violence we have more than enough targets, the fact is we really don't care about what any of you do until if affects our ability to live in peace among our own kind.

Have a good Yule, May the Aesir and Vanir open your eyes.

POB 18291, Salem, Or, 97305
Volksfront Response
Volksfront Response

Go back to Greenland! 20.Dec.2001 11:22

Randy Blazak cfrb@pdx.edu

Well, I'd like to have this discussion in public, but thanks for admitting that you were just using Metzger for his celebrity appeal. Now I'm not sure who is going to make the Chinese food in your little Aryan wonderland. Of course, whites have a long history of ripping off other cultures and calling it their own creation (Opera is a good example).

1. I wonder who will be in charge of determining who does "exhibit the unique characteristics of the "Caucasian/Aryan". They tried to do that in Nazi Germany. I'm half Slavic half-Anglo (with a bit of Native American). Am I white? Are Italians white? Turks? What if my ancestry is in east Africa, but I feel I am white in my heart? Will the blondes decide the fate of the rest of us? And then there is the problem of the Laps, the most Northern European ethnic group, who are probably not "white". "White" and "Aryan" are human inventions, not biological realities. We are all "multi-racial".

2) Oh, there's the old "Violence in defense of our people, freedom, and human rights is acceptable" bit. There are a lot of well armed Northwesterners who will gladly use violence to stop Nazi terrorists from destroying the most beautiful corner of the United States. So, I guess that means war. Happy Rahowa, everyone!

3) Thanks for admitting that the USA will not allow secession. You can wait around for the collapse of ZOG (just like Marxist can wait around for the collapse of capitalism) and that will be fine. Wait and wait and wait. But history shows that extremists are an impatient lot. So it will be as sad a day as Waco was and 9/11, when we see American troops patrolling the American homeland to keep Americans safe from fanatics. But American Military and intelligence has been beefed up considerably post-9/11 (to the great loss of important social programs) and would quash the little boy soldiers more quickly than it dispatched the Iraqi Army. You are among the Anti-American forces that must be watched before the sociopaths in your midst pull another Oklahoma City.

4) I wonder what life would be like for those who refuse to leave their homes to go to some imagined "multi-racial state" (isn't that called America?). I'm sure it will be ugly in a society run by white supremacists. A return to the Old South. Been, there, done, that. It was a failure.

5) Sex offenders and rapist (most of whom are white, by the way) are not executed at the moment. Date rapist will be executed? 8 year old buys that inappropriately touch 8 year old girls? Man, sounds just like the Taliban! I guess that leaves more women for you to breed with since so many will flee your anti-choice macho regime.

6) Glad you support democracy. And I agree on the 2 party thing. But how will you ban parties? That, in itself, is unconstitutional. Will non-Aryans have the right to vote? What if Asian-Americans start voting as a block to overthrow white autocracy? Will they all be executed, too? What if the voting starts to say, "This sucks. We want to be Americans again!", will the tyranny kick in or will you listen to the will of the people?

7) I wasn't aware we were dominated by other cultures. Look around the world, America has cultural hegemony. Everyone is wearing Levis and watching Baywatch. American culture is made up of many ethnic influences. Your shoes were invented by the Egyptians and your democracy was invented by the Greeks. So are you saying we should do more yodeling and eat more waffles? I think you need to take a sociology course. I've been to Scandanavia. The first thing they tell you there is how happy they are to have stuff from other cultures. Eastern Europe, too!

8) Cool, VF is pro-solar! Now that is a drum you should beat. Oil is a dying industry. Of course, you guys have a great reserve of hot air as well. The international community would respond to Aryanland the same way it has responded to South Africa, Serbia and Barundi, with international condemnation and sanctions. It is a relic from our human past, not the bright inclusive future that America promises. If you guys want such a Viking Paradise, why don't you go take over some island in the North Sea. See if you can pull it off there. Leave us Americans alone. Everyone chant, "Go back to Greenland! Go back to Greenland!"

9) Interesting that there are exceptions to your rape prohibition. You wouldn't want any retards in Aryanland! Would the rapist get a fair trial or would you just Taliban him right there. This might be a great loophole for female empowerment. Righteous women could just go around accusing men of rape and getting then executed and then take over. You go white girl!

I'm glad you spend so much time fantasizing about your Aryan utopia. The rest of us are busy trying to make the American dream come true. And as 9/11 proved, we are willing to come together to fight the terrorists who would vainly attempt to destroy it.

Duality in Speech and Action? 20.Dec.2001 11:30


Hmmm... its interesting you use the word equitable in your answers. While I may not agree with some speakers at PSU I will not work with anyone who is not working towards a goal that is not egalitarian and unifying. I'm not sure about the left wing origins of the racialist movement that you mention - especially a left wing that is working towards unified and egalitarian goals.

Why do you label Morris Dees a pedophile - is this just name calling?
Are European Jews white in your eyes? It seems like you are saying so in your answer to 1. And our Indians considered Aryans?
I have no idea how you can say "native-Americans" employed "violent ethnic cleansing policies."
Speaking of violence, you claim "Violence is not a tool we seek to employ." Yet, in the current Willamette Week, ( http://www.wweek.com/flatfiles/News2283.lasso) there is an article talking about people linked to VF creating violence not only people who's views they don't believe with but also on each other for not following orders. Is this not using violence as a tool? Is his how you create a better world? I think the answer is an emphatic no.
If you are so concerned with your European roots, why not repatriate yourself to Europe? Why is the NorthWest considered your mythical homeland?
And you never really gave an answer on drug policies in this VF dream.
I don't need your tools or help to have my eyes open.

White v. White 20.Dec.2001 11:56

Randy Blazak cfrb@pdx.edu

Just another thought (of many):

Our VF frriend claims to want to end the party system. I wonder how long it would take for the Christian Identiy faction, the Odinist faction, the Church of the Creator faction, the Aryan Atheist faction, the Nazi faction, the KKK, WAR, the skinheads, the racist militias and all the other yahoos to start fighting each other to determine who sits on the top of the heap. Why don't you rocket scientists fight it out first and THEN go back to Greenland. Peace on Earth, even to silly Nazi boys.

Clarifications 20.Dec.2001 12:39


We oppose drugs and the government importation of drugs. We feel the governemnt allows the importation and sale of drugs in poorer communities. We differ from Mr. Metzger on that point. Native Americans (who also immigrated here, take a cultural anthropolgy class Randy) were not a bunch of weed smoking pacifists, they murdered each other in brutal tribal wars. A large reason many Northern Europeans like American culture is their lack of experience with it, the reality of American culture is much different than levis and Baywatch. As far as racs being figments of imagination please explain that to the African-Americans and other hyphenated Americans who desire a free homeland as much as we. The point remains, no matter how much you'd like to delve into little points of contention and what if's: All cultures deserve a free homeland. Even without else, your melting pot is boiling over and is resulting in world f grey without diversity. In fact multiculturalism is not diversity, it is anti diversity. There will be no diversity when we all look alike, act alike and have the same universalist religion. Race is a valid scientific classification, talk to an ethnologist, despite your utopian dream of interracial love and world peace, which failed like soviet communism, race is one of the most relevant issues of the day. You can not dismiss culture and genetics so lightly. The fins are asiatic, please read the whole post and not selected lines of it which suit your delusional theories of "can't we all get along". Racism will exist no matter what race is in the position of power, to end it you must secure a homeland for all races where they manage their own affairs with racist oppression. It seems your world view is much more narrow than ours and much less tolerant, sounds kind of fascist, let go of the hate. In general it seems apparent from our posts and those who disagree who the true "nazis" are, for it is you who would like to see our people bred out and oppressed as all people of our belief arrested, how terrorist and Taliban of you. Have a good Yule!

Hi svenska! 20.Dec.2001 14:18

Randy Blazak cfrb@pdx.edu

Svenska, is that your real name, or is it your pretend name? You you are going to kick out the Native Americans as well? Great! Obviously they emmigrated here. EVERYONE emmigrated from East Africa at one point or another (I took that Anthropology class, than you). You are justifying the existence of race because other "hyphenated Americans" want their own homeland too? Which ones? Not here! If so, they are also delusional extremists.

You are right, there is an inherent tension between pluralism and assimilation (but multiculturalism honors divirsity/pluralism, not assimilation). And that tension is what makes The United States of America a wonderful place to live. If you can't dig that, GO BACK TO GREENLAND!

I think you people are too damn lazy to build the Viking ships and sail off to your promised land. I'm all for diversity. You "racialists" give us something to watch on the Jerry Springer Show.

spirit ways 20.Dec.2001 14:32

draig athar

Native peoples in the NW have lived here for thousands of years

In my opinion, anyone who perceives themselves to be white, has no basis for claiming a homeland here.

From reading the above posts from volksfront, there appears to be a reclaiming of old nordic religions. the homeland of those religions is not here, the ancient pagan religions did not form here, the spirit forces of other, faraway lands shaped them

The ways of those ancient cultures are not shaped by the spirits and energies of this land.

As a 'white' person of pagan spiritual ways, I understand that the spirits of this land are native american. the native american ancestors speak in the twilight, and in the sacred places. We are the visitors here, and need to allow ourselves to be shaped by the energies and pattern of this land, not impose ideas and ways of other lands here.

this is the way of the spirit, of honour and integrity

If someone who identifies themselves as white wants a legitimate homeland and cultural foundation, they should return to their ancestral roots and ancient homeland and listen to the spirits there

The notion of doing so here is hypocritical and reflects either a misunderstanding of the ancient ways, or a blatant misuse of those ways for a crude purpose

What the heck? 28.Aug.2003 23:54

if i would tell you, i will have to kill you

ok.... i didn't get one thing, the VF, the hate Jews right? well, why? jews are white right? there are jews all over the world, so..... there could be an italian jew, so he is from europe, would you kill him? one more thing, why kill a criminal? why not put him in jail? I REALLY want to know the answers for these questions, although i know this has nothing to do with the article...