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Friday is non-colored day

Friday pretend you are a European-American no matter your race.
Friday's at pioneer courthouse square every will pretent they are European-American and White. This is the second part in my brilliant idea to make people feel guilty for their heritage. Just call me "Genius".

homepage: homepage: http://i-am-racist-against-whites.com

Didn't Know White Wasn't a Color 19.Dec.2001 10:08


Early reports of Wednesday's Non-White Day show success though there are still some deep pockets of adherence to a mythical identity known as "White".

Adherents who claim a mistaken "White" identity are forcing themselves as well as others to forget the history of their heritage from countries in Europe believing instead the lie of a "White" culture. Italians, Irish, European Catholics (among others) were allowed into this "White" fantasy early this past century in our country. Somehow, some of the children of these immigrants have have forgotten their immigrant roots and lash out blindly at other immigrants and thereby create deep shame for their "race" in other Americans of European heritage.

Wednesday's Non-White Day is a smashing success!

Only came outside to watch the nightfall with the rain
I heard you making patterns rhyme
Like some new romantic looking for the TV sound
You'll see I'm right some other time

This is Planet Earth!