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imperialism & war

world's stings pulled

world's stings pulled - through media control, and covert action the us led corporate hegemony can orchestrate world events - operatives in radical militant groups can shape their groups actions to suit the empires cravings
as soon as Afghanistan is mostly wrapped up, there is a convenient attack on the parliament of India, presumably by Pakistani radicals from Kashmir. . .the US, through the mouth of Colin Powell declared India has the right to defend itself. This along with Bin Ladin appearing to have fled to Pakistan sets the stage for the US to have a hand in warfare in Pakistan with India leading the way for them. Play the situation right, and the ally against the Taleban, Pakistan, can be controled or become the next target in the "war on terrorism"

maybe ex? cia asset Bin Ladin can flee to a few countries, giving the US excuse to go into that country, or dictate that countries actions

meanwhile the US has the american John Walker, the Taleban fighter to put on trial and create a drama for the media, and through them, the people, to focus on while the US continues its imperialism across the region
Circuses and bread 19.Dec.2001 10:15


but not too much bread at that. TV and other circuses, trials of silly americans to make the rest feel part of some good citizenry. The patriot/jingoist movement.

Meanwhile business as usual goes on everywhere outside the room where the audience is held enthralled. O I take it back, they are marked for business as usual also. circuses are big business. Like someone I read recently (Ramsey Clark) the commercials cost more than the shows. Its like the military and bullets that cost more than the target. Something wrong with the picture.

Endgame: "earth our way. love it or leave it"

move over pax americanum, meet the new pax terrum not to be confused with pax terrorum.

Soverign State of Washington