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photos of police brutality at mumia rally in philly

Here are a couple photos from the police riot at the philly mumia rally last week

This police thug is beating a person curled up on the ground. . .must make him feel so manly

This maniac freak has pulled his gun, while another violent cop is pulling the hair of a person who clearly has their hands in the air and is offering no resistance. Reports indicate that the cop with the gun actually put it to the persons head (if this is the incident where that happened)
ugh 24.Dec.2001 07:03



NO POLICE VIOLENCE 24.Dec.2001 13:45


THere was NO POLICE BRUTALITY at those rallies. Those protesters were the violent ones. THe protesters probably had the same SICK ideas of Police officers as that sick murdered MUMIA!!! BURN IN HELL MUMIA!