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Eugene Anarchists Put Revolution On Hold To Shoot Selves In Foot

Who needs cointelpro when you're the Eugene Anarchists? If the FBI won't validate the effectiveness of your movement by sabotaging it, just do it yourself with petty infighting.
In a power grab as transparent as Bush Inc.'s illegal oil war in Afghanistan, the Eugene Anarchists are seizing control of the proposed Eugene Indymedia web site. Using a congressional filibuster style tactic, progress towards getting the site up and running has been stalled for over four weeks as the anarchists browbeat, insult, accuse, alienate, name call and call out anyone who does not subscribe to their particular form of revolution.

Pity the few non-anarchist activists with thick enough skin to be left on the committee, for they must endure hours of j'accuse while frustrated by a complete lack of forward motion. Pity also the few non-anarchist activists who have been dragged down to the level of adolescent bickering that characterizes these meetings. Perhaps the participants in this tantrumic methodology are infiltrators, because they are most effectively preventing the Eugene Indymedia site from going public.

By engaging in this coup, the anarchists have revealed that they prioritize their own personal power and aggrandizement above the overthrow of the capitalist system and the removal dictator Bush and his corporate cronies, because as they sit squabble, the army bombs and rapes Afghanistan, opportunists level the forest and violate the earth, and business rapes and exploits an ignorant american public, as yet unenlightened by the accurate news that a Eugene Indymedia site may some day publish.
Don't you think...? 18.Dec.2001 13:49

Chris Pangle fan_letters@hotmail.com

If you are going to bitch about an entire group of people don't you think you should include your name and possibly organization so those willing to work with you (if there are any) could contact you. In doing so it would make you look like someone who's willing to work things out instead of being a part of the bitching and name calling you seem to loathe.

-Chris Pangle-

Thanks COINTELPRO 18.Dec.2001 13:55


Ive known a lot of anarchist-types in Eugene for swhile now, and understand their whole issue...yeah theres way too much infighting, but what did you hope to get but more infighting by posting your comment? You are creating an ever-widening gap between radicals and non-radicals...maybe these anarchists arent using a traditional (oh ever so tested and kinda annoying) methods of progressive organizing....maybe they're just being jerks...who knows. But you should aim to solve the social issues; compromisingly if I must say, and get on with the said action....do it.

come on, peeps...less rhetoric and more action! The time is now or never cuz it aint gettin easier and wont...build alliance..the civil rights movement bought us 30 or so years to get our shit together but the govt's turning up the heat...

an 'A' type


Primitivist Chaoticists Suck 18.Dec.2001 17:16

android9 android9@hotmail.com

I am not at all surprised to see complaints about these infantile bourgeois ultra-individualist idiots obstructing formation of a genuine Indymedia in Eugene. I have encountered similar problems trying to establish a Media Collective here in Ashland, at SOU.
Eugene's application for Indymedia affiliation cites "accomplishments" like publication of "Green Anarchy", and various other manifestations of their anti-democratic primitivist chaoticist fundamentalist pagan jihad fanatic cult of absolutist maniacs, as "proof" of their dedication to producing media, which I must agree could only be inspired by the enemy, in classic COINTELPRO form.
Those of them who know how to read and write tend to present a fairly articulate, incisive and accurate analysis of the evils of capitalist technological fascism, and the many foibles of the Left. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that token bourgeois "democracy" is bogus, and that "Communism" of the old-school vanguard party style is equally elitist and anti-social. Anarchy, with a Green perspective, is rapidly becoming the leading political theory worldwide, for obvious reasons.
But these guys take a gigantic leap of "logic", to conclude therefore that all organization, all democratic representation, all technology, and all civilization must be altogether destroyed, abandoned and foresworn, for a return to pre-historic stone-age hunter-gatherer illiteracy. Smart, huh? This is exactly what the Bourgeoisie have been saying about anarchists and environmentalists all along, and these chumps seem determined to prove it.
Their utopian vision is of a world where nobody tells anybody else what to do, and everybody is "free" to do their own thing, absolutely unimpeded, with no coercion whatsoever. Go figure. That's what we have now, chaos, where whoever has the most money and guns, rules.
Yet they seem to recognize a need for coercion in their tactics, including a call for kidnappings in their latest issue of GA, and their propensity for slagging everyone around them, indiscriminately. Such hypocritical aspirations for "freedom", especially from any and all collective responsability, are a profoundly bourgeois tendency.
Anarchy is a communist tendency, meaning self-rule in the social, democratic, collective sense, certainly not bourgeois ultra-individualism, which can only lead to exploitive rule by elites.
Contradictions between their stated views and their own practice seem to escape them entirely, indicating that they are either naive fools or swine with ulterior motives.
It only takes a few of the latter to sucker a whole bunch of the former into serving the purposes of the cops, against genuine revolutionary struggle and serious work, just like Charles Manson, Cinque and the SLA, and their big contemporary heros, that crazy Ted K and John Z.
These guys are whack, and GA has a history, going back to the UK, where they are totally discredited and now defunct, especially after endorsing fascist organizations (because they are anti-left and "against the government").
Eugene deserves an Indymedia, but only if these GA guys are exposed for the police agents they are, and excluded entirely from the process.
A commitment to democratic process is required, and they are self-declared to be adamantly against all forms of democracy.
I intend to continue this discussion in the next issue of Radical Def Magazine, for May Day. Contributions welcome.

Radical def Magazine, 1257 Siskiyou #471, Ashland, OR 97520

Same Problem in Portland 19.Dec.2001 10:26

Cort Greene

"The theroies of anarchism are like a leaky umbrella useless when it rains." Leon Trotsky

I agree with the last writer.Here in Portland the so called anarchist movement spends more time calling people cops who aren't so they can control groups and movements.They have little base with working class people or the oppessed.Time and time again they do more to distrub than build any advancment of the struggle.