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Wednesday is Non-White Day

Wednesday is Non-White Day
The world has declared that this Wednesday will be Portland's first Non-White Day.

If you are white, you must not think of yourself as being white on this day but, instead, think of yourself as being British-American, Italian-American, Polish-American, ..., Freak-American, etc.

If you are non-white, you must think of your fellow white colleagues as British-American, Italian-American, Polish-American, ..., Freak-American, etc.

There will be a mass congregation all day of whites and non-whites who will be participating "Wednesday is Non-White Day" at Pioneer Courthouse Square.
no race 18.Dec.2001 07:02


Can you really not find some other cause to devote this much time and energy to? Who are all these people who walk around thinking of themselves as white anyway? Pathetic.

rose city

Total Victory for Non-White People 18.Dec.2001 22:38


Hey man, we have worked for years organizing this, so don't talk shit! The world has been waiting for Non-White Day for ages. You sound like an infiltrator. The Non-White Revolution doesn't need you. Ya somos un chingon, sin ti.

What a stupid idea 19.Dec.2001 04:49

Kiss my lily White ass! racialist@hotmail.com

That sounds a little RACIST to me, whats wrong with White people? Are you going to have a Monday is non-colored day next? You a fascist hater, keep your racism to yourself biggot! It's OK to be White!