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More photos from the Dec 16 demonstration
Some pictures from the rally

At first I thought that the "big clean cut guy" was an officer, but then I was him hug someone from the march and realised that I had made the mistake that many others had. He had some interesting observations about the march, a few I agree with. Screaming obscenties at people whose position you are uncertain off fails any basic measure of communication. Certainly it is an effective way to release some frustration, there is so much to be angry about, but it does little else. This movement should be more clever , offer an attractive alternative to the present situation, otherwise it will be little more than a marginalized youth culture. Thanks



















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A different kind of movement? 18.Dec.2001 10:17

Mama Black Bear snowflower13@hotmail.com

This movement does need to be different. If you want to attract/sway the average American, you need a presentation that will truly provoke them to think differently. Fighting them with apparently violent or vandalistic means isn't to going to reach them. It will only turn them away. This leads to them supporting the government with more conviction than ever.
Let's show that we are above the idiocy that rules at the moment. If we are going to revolt, let's do it, well, like revolutionaries. Something new, radical, but with a peaceful outcome in the end.
"This country, even humanity itself, was founded on the principles of tolerance. Liberty and justice for all, and no less. Therefore, any philosophy which supports taking the rights of some for the benefit of others, is wrong. A philosophy which is tolerant of all and under which each can do his or her own thing without taking that same right from others, is right. For someone to proclaim their ideas and only their ideas allowable, ideas which in and of themselves infringe on those of others, is wrong, period. To say that war has to be stopped and that people should all be free is the only fair way to run the world. It doesn't end starvation and death and torture, if that's your pleasure. It doesn't forbid politicians from starving themselves, from bombing their own homes. If one likes death so, one should take one's own life. Oppressor, oppress thyself."-A quote from a good friend

the spray can revolution? 18.Dec.2001 16:23

Bature Boy

Gee golly, I sure am impressed by the highly sophisticated, revolution technique of spray painted anarchy signs. But I thought this was an anti-U.S. imperialism protest, not a pro Hot Topic rally. Only cowards are afraid to show their faces in public (not including religious reasons). Vandalism has little to do with productive dissent, and it sure won't get the response of changing the minds of every-day Americans. Hell, i used to think I was one up until a few years ago, and it had nothing to do with sad acts of vandalism that changed my mind.

spray 18.Dec.2001 23:28

jujubee mossy tree bark

I do not think spray can painting good. What if someone spray paint your brand new Volkswagon? Not nice.

Let's Organize! 19.Dec.2001 15:05

Activist SmrtAss212@yahoo.com

This movement is just getting started and already we have too much infighting. Anarchists, communists, socialists, pacifists. Does it really matter, at this point? Our strong points are the ones that we all agree on. U.s. imperialism must be stopped, that's universal. The rape of the world and it's inhabitants for the financial gain of a few is wrong. It has to be stopped. The details are negligible, we need to stand on what we have, what humanity itself has always tried to stand on, together. Things like liberty and justice for all: like tolerance of all ideas, all races, all beings; the right of the oppressed to rise up against their oppressor. These are things we can all agree upon and that we can use to stop the "war". To stop the exploitation. To stop the u.s from it's quest for total domination.
Many people have said that the spray painting was wrong. I agree, it lends too much of a malicious tint to the movement. Flag burning has it's place. It may not have been there, then. But lets not condemn those who do such things. We need to come up with viable options. Ideas that will send a message without alienating, without condemning, without judging the public or the people within the movement. It's judgement that causes the things we're trying to destroy.
We need to get together, and stay that way. Let's organize, people. We need to send a strong message, but let it remain positive. Let's demonstrate every week, every day. Print flyers, posters, leaflets, even post-it notes, with messages that will educate. Do your research. Teach people why their government is wrong, why it lies to them, why it must be stopped. Most of these people have lived with this propaganda all their lives. The fact that it's all been a lie is a difficult one to swallow. Explain, and be patient. Win their hearts and minds. We don't need the system to support us, but we need the people to. We need to organize teach-ins, MASS protests to the war, mailings, speeches, anything. Let's go to Seattle, or Washington d.c.. We're not organizing a bake sale, this is the future. Not just of our city or of our country, but of the world. Shall we sit back and watch as more civilians die every day? Let's get up and do something about it.