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photos from the march against us imperialism #2

photos from the march against us imperialism

A number of police were videotaping people in the march

Though the cops smile for the camera, their cameras are used to threaten, coerce and destroy people who have done nothing but speak out for truth

Kick Ass 17.Dec.2001 15:49


Glad to see the some portland students and activists got off their asses in this awesome act of defiance and rejection! I truely wish I could have made it.....GOod job to all who participated and organized this!!! AN especially loud harah to the Anarchists. CRUSH THE STATE, END THE HATE...

heart warming 17.Dec.2001 17:01


I hate to be overly senimental, and I hate to admit that I was unable to participate
because I was WORKING!! ARGG! But much love and respect to everybody
who showed up in my place... I almost get teary eyed looking at all the pictures...So lets get this shit moving, fuck marching permits, and fuck complacent marches...

Great March 18.Dec.2001 23:21


How about less anger, and less existential college dream government bullshit and lets think of a real message and some solutions and teach the public.

Anarchy? What is that going to solve? What happens after the state is crushed? Scarf face clad kids running around spray painting McDonald's are going to rule the universe? Actually its anarchy so there would be no leadership, everyone for themselves which would eventually turn into capitalism again.

Good Thinking 20.Dec.2001 00:24


Apperantly I'm an enemy of the people on Indymedia, but for what it's worth. I like the thoughts you put forth Fido