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photos from the march against us imperialism #1

photos from the march against us imperialism

Panoramic view of the march at the federal courthouse

Preparing for the march, handing out flags

The march gets started on the right footing

The images speak for themselves and are not necessarily in time order

Thanks... 17.Dec.2001 13:29


to ya'll----

thanks to all those who came out and made sunday's march both wild and fun. the upside down flags were great and i think it made people really stop and question both themselves and what we were marching for.

i talked to alot of people on the street who were actually more supportive then i thought. many seemed to have simpathy for us speaking out, and in a way, i think they were glad that we were there. one person i spoke had something to say about the flag buring. they said something like they were glad that they were living in a country where all the cops could do is watch the flag burning and not stop it.

the monday snoregonian actually gave a decent (whatever that means) coverage of the march saying that there were 500 people (was that right? not sure) and seemed to somewhat give an ok opinion on what happened.

also, thanks to all those (you know who you are) from eugene for taking the time and helping us make this rally "extra special".

extra kuto's to those who were brave enough to tag nike town, starbucks, and the other tags. i dont think anyone got caught either, did they?

and last but not least, entering the pioneer place mall went above and beyond my expectations of the rally and i think really was really fucking cool! it was so worth the reactions from the people shopping! also, the mall has such wonderful acoustics for protests! maybe we should have all our protests there in the future?

lets all make this happen again real soon, huh?



Thanks Portland 17.Dec.2001 18:18

Jacob Austin

Thanks Portland! It's great to know there is a pocket of sanity in USA.
Please keep up the dissent. The rest of the US is buying all the propaganda
King George II is dishing up.

Haircut 17.Dec.2001 19:08

Not a cop yeah right

It is amazing the power created by a short haircut in a group such as that in Sunday's anti USA rally. Yes I am the big clean cut guy who folks thought was a police officer. Not that it is any of your business but I am not and did not appreciate the dirty looks and being asked every two seconds if I was a cop. The touch I found truely prophetic was when a women went out of her way to spit on my shoe.

I have been involved in the activist community here in Portland in other arena's and wanted to contribute to the anti war movement locally in Portland. Well if Sunday's group is considered the "movement" here in town...move on and count me out.

Here's is a little advise on how to get the public to listen to your message rather than just yelling at yourselves.

1. Do not scream "FUCK" in crowded areas in unity.
2. Burning flags in the middle of Broadway may have felt wonderful to you, but was counter productive to educating the now pissed off other 85% of Americans who currently disagree with your stance who were standing aroung watching you.
3. Finally, get a haircut and look like a cop.


Short hair cut? 17.Dec.2001 21:17


I was at the march and it was fun. One of the people in the max mall actually told my wife to go back where she came from (she's chinese). Well, considering she was born in the USA, that's not very far to go.

Very fun march, whoever organized this good job :)

Running in Circles 20.Dec.2001 15:47

A Realist

I agree with "Haircut's" comments whole-heartedly. I've been observing the activist movement from afar and despite the important issues that are addressed, it seems no one other than yourselves (and the independent media) are paying much attention.

We live in a society, and like it or not, you have to earn respect before anyone outside your realm/movement will take you seriously (and thus make changes). It's unfair, sure... but that's the way things are.

Remember, you've have to learn how to play the game before you can win.

Also, it's ironic you cast out someone who wanted to join in your forces just because he looked different. This sounds just like the type of mentality you're attempting to abolish.

Lastly, how dare you congratulate participants for tagging... acts of this caliber has no redemption and does nothing but fuel your negative public portrayal.

Don't lower yer voice to appease the patriots 25.Dec.2001 12:37

Heir to Durruti

Yes the march was offensive as fuck to patriotic warmonger types. The best single word I can think to describe it was "impolite" (favorite chant: "Americans united are pompous fascist shitheads") which was why I liked it so much, especially after some of the PPRC marches which drew criticism for taking politeness to to a tactically questionable extreme*. The fact that 300-400 people destroyed the flags opens up the political space for less vocal, but like-minded people to more safely express similar sentiments, like the high school aged kids who joined the march. If we're always censoring ourselves to appease the closed-minded sensibilities of war-mongering patri-idiots than we will soon find that we have to politically space at all in a suffocating atmosphere to "God Bless America"s and political repression. Patriotism is a form of mind control which uses coded language and imagery to tap into the emotional and sexual suppression people are lively under and turn that frustration outward at political scapegoats. It is VERY important that our movement find creative, fun ways to subvert, poke fun at, desecreate, and call into question the stupidity of the language, imagery and consequences of blind patriotism. We DO NOT need to begin backtracking because we're afraid of ruffling someone's feathers. People who are complacent (or worse yet, delighted) in the face of genocide and injustice need to be made to feel LESS comfortable, not MORE.
Some constructive criticism for future protests
1) I'm all for graffiti as a means of communication and reclaiming social space, but for crying at loud please tag something at least a little bit more articulate than the circle-A. Try bringing a stencil so you can write a longer message in a hurry.
2) Targets targets targets. Too much of the march was aimless wanderering. It only got back on track once people found some actual objectives (ie burn the flags, bum rush the mall) Lets find a vurnerable section of the US military industrial complex and shut it down. Attack that which cannot be effectively defended.
3) Be prepared for inevitable police repression. Don't let some "good cop" act lull you into letting your guard down like people did upon leaving the mall. Go to the library and study police crowd control tactics (or watch videos of protests) to know what to expect. Wear protective gear at demos where you expect the police to intervene(helmets, gasmasks, padding, shields). Use banners to strategically get in the way of wherever the police are trying to assembly themselves, or to provide a protective "wall" between riot cops and protestors. Do an indymedia search for Ya Basta or Bodyhammer for ideas and information about smart, safer tactics.

This movement is growing. The uprising in Argentina illustrates just how much the capitalist class, with all their military might, is actually losing control of the situation. Now in the US it's up to people who are already active and experienced to set a good example and encourage others to fight back and fight smart.
No pasaran!

*Please don't mistake my critique as being some sort of divisive shit-talking, I appreciate anyone who's willing to make an anti-war presence in the streets and I think that "tame" events like the weekly vigils are helpful in that it allows people to dialouge and debate with passersby, and serves as a general reminder that not everyone in this city is falling in lockstep with the post-Sept 11 climate of jingoism and obedience.

You people are foolish and reckless. 02.Jan.2002 02:01

Khire Nitrahm knn_@css.com

So many of you are lost. You have nothing better to do than to go "Tag" the big bad corporations and burn the flag in the name of world peace. Don't you people know that the only way the world can find peace is to get everyone on the same page? It will never come to be. Even if everyone could get on the same page it would mean the end of the diversity that you "claim" to support (see the post about you people spitting on the cop look-a-like). The world once knew peace under the Pax Romana. Then the empire fell and there was a dark age of chaos. Is that what you people are after? If so you can take all of your phony idealism (that may work in theory) and shove it up your self-righteous ass! Your message of peace though it is a noble idea, will not work in the real world that you are trying so hard to escape. Oh and by the way I am a patriot of the United States and I am proud of it. I am not blind about it. Some of my liberal friends claim that they are open minded and see everything and they say that the only form of patriotism is blind patriotism. I read all of your leftist liberal websights that are aimed at destroying America and everything it stands for. Yet I am not conviced of your arguement. All I see is a lot of jargonism and unfounded conspiracy theory. You claim that you are open minded yet I only see one point of view comming from you. I make my own decisions and I have decided that for the most part you "Tagging-vandalizeng-yet-call-yourself-a-peace-protester"'s are full of hypocracy and have no realistic solutions to anything

yeah right

Violence? 06.Jan.2002 16:43


Since when is attacking an inanimate object an act of violence?