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29 Pentagon officers eliminated - Could it be true?

12-14-01 I received notice this morning that these FEW men who are trying to betray us are 29 officers in top positions at the Pentagon. 12-15-01 My top TRUE White Knight sources tell me they are ON MISSIONS to get rid of these traitors and to get our prosperity deliveries and NESARA doneIMMEDIATELY! 12-16-01 Friday, the 29 Pentagon officers got what they deserved for trying to stand in the way of our deliveries and NESARA. They were "totally eliminated" and the locations of their deaths were terrible sights to behold, I'm told
This is the latest, to read them in the order they were received start at the 3rd or bottom message and work towards the top.

Sun, 16 Dec 2001 09:45:30 -0000
Subject: Your Futures Depend on Getting Deliveries and NESARA Done

Dear White Knights,

I've been designated to pass on this message to the TOP White Knights
who know about the worldwide "Forces" who have been protecting,
supporting, and assisting the White Knights in the last several
months. The Forces suggest you go over this message in your meeting

The Forces are requiring that you White Knights live up to YOUR SIDE
of the bargain. It is TIME that you get the remaining prosperity
notifications deliveries done in the U.S. NOW! Our White Knight of
Justice has continually worked night and day to get remaining
deliveries out and get NESARA announced.

Friday, the 29 Pentagon officers got what they deserved for trying to
stand in the way of our deliveries and NESARA. They were "totally
eliminated" and the locations of their deaths were terrible sights to
behold, I'm told. These 29 deaths were CLEAR WARNINGS to EVERYONE
who is trying to delay us receiving our deliveries and NESARA.

I'm hearing today the Bushs' factions are ON THEIR KNEES after the
deaths of these 29 high officers and the SCARY WAY they died! Let
this be a lesson to EVERYONE who tries to get in the way of our
deliveries and NESARA: YOU CAN BE NEXT to experience the same scary

Since 9/11, the Forces have STOPPED 99% of the thousands of terrorist
attacks attempted in the U.S. The FBI Director and others have
continuously claimed that all kinds of terrorist attacks were
expected. But the FBI Director admits that "they DO NOT KNOW WHY... "
these attacks have FAILED TO OCCUR. The REASON is that the Forces
have STOPPED 99% of the attacks!

The Forces have also STOPPED many assassination attempts on you White
Knights. You have proof of some of these assassination attacks being
stopped by the Forces. The Forces have supported you White Knights
because you have been working to bring forth the funding of all of
our prosperity programs and NESARA.

However, some of you White Knights have gotten off course. Because
YOU White Knights were pursuing your own selfish agendas, a few of
the anthrax threats have been allowed to happen, and 5 other
terrorist acts were allowed to happen since September 11. ALL of
these were WAKE UP CALLS to YOU White Knights!!!!

The Forces have reported that there is one TOP White Knight military
officer in charge of delivery security who is working with our White
Knight of Justice to get our deliveries out. He has agreed to make
sure the remaining deliveries get out IMMEDIATELY.

However, the Forces have found there are three people who are trying
to pressure this top White Knight officer into delaying our
deliveries. The Forces say within 24 hours two of these three people
will be "eliminated". The third person is being held incommunicado
except for vital activities, but could suffer the same fate if he
continues to try to delay our deliveries and NESARA.

One of you very high White Knights on the Decision Team spoke with
one of the Commanders of the "Forces" tonight at the suggestion of
our White Knight in D.C. You, Sir, were told: "GET this DONE
IMMEDIATELY!!!!" You said you feared the Bushs would kill you but
you were told that there are ZERO excuses. You MUST get our
remaining deliveries and NESARA done NOW!

YOU can forget about being afraid of the Bushs - the Forces have
PROTECTED YOU White Knights from the Bushs' attempts to assassinate
you DOZENS OF TIMES. (The Forces are also protecting the White
Knights guards now.) But if you FAIL to get our remaining deliveries
done IMMEDIATELY and NESARA announced this week, you better worry
about the Forces doing to you what they did to the traitorous 29
Pentagon officers!

The Forces are carrying out a plan which includes that the Bushs be
tried in World Court for their crimes against the world. This is the
ONLY reason the Bushs are still living. But in certain circumstances
I'm told, the Forces will change the plan so the Bushs lack any part
in the plan! Like the 29 top Pentagon officers were taken out of the
plan yesterday. There is ZERO defensive or offensive weapon or
technology that can protect anyone from the Forces; this includes the

the NESARA announcement. It is a LIE that the remaining deliveries
must wait until the day NESARA is announced. You must get our
remaining deliveries out IMMEDIATELY!

I'm told all of you are replaceable. You may think otherwise, but
the plans have already been made and approved to replace any of you,
if necessary. The "hands-off" policy regarding you White Knights and

It is only fair to warn all that if anyone tries to harm me or the
other two messengers who have given you and the Bushs these
ultimatums, all who try to harm us will be totally eliminated before
they can harm us, just like the 29 Pentagon officers.

White Knights, please get our remaining deliveries and NESARA done
now, for your own sakes as well as ours.

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness

The Dove egroup currently has 5,306 members.

Sat, 15 Dec 2001 03:23:00 -0000
Subject: [doveofo] Pentagon Traitors Being Arrested for Treason; WKs Taking Action!

Hello Dear Friends,

I've received word that the TRUE White Knights are TAKING ACTION and
carrying out the orders to ARREST for TREASON all the 29 officers of
the Pentagon who were plotting against us. Most of these 29 officers
have already been arrested. Some of these cowardly officers RAN into
HIDING but their positions are known and they will be arrested this
evening. I purposely exposed their SNEAKY plan today to help make
sure they are STOPPED.

There are HUNDREDS of officers in the Pentagon who want to get NESARA
announced and get our prosperity to all of us. The only way these
traitorous 29 officers could get away with their schemes is if it was
kept secret. On Wednesday night there was a big meeting of Pentagon
officers and a lot of arguing about this betrayal of all of us. I'm
told that about 60 Pentagon officers were in the meeting Wednesday
night and a LOT of them OPPOSED waiting to do NESARA and our
prosperity deliveries. Many officers who attended the meeting saw
right through the flimsy pretenses being put forth as excuses for

Of the 60+ Pentagon officers in Wednesday's meeting, MORE THAN HALF
of these VERY POWERFUL Pentagon officers who came out of that meeting
on OUR SIDE. These powerful Pentagon officers left the Wednesday
night meeting determined to take action ensuring that NESARA is
announced and that we all receive our prosperity funding. I'm told
that more than 35 Pentagon officers immediately began taking action
to STOP the schemes against NESARA and us.

Late this afternoon I checked with my top TRUE White Knight sources
and they tell me they are ON MISSIONS to get rid of these traitors
and to get our prosperity deliveries and NESARA done IMMEDIATELY!
That means NOW, before the coming holiday.

You can forget listening to the traitorous U.S. bankers or bankers
from Barclays, Germany, or anywhere else who are saying we are
delayed. ALL of them are in league with the Bushs because the
bankers' THIEVING and sneaky tricks of stealing money from bank
customers are STOPPED when the new worldwide banking regulations go
into effect after NESARA is announced. My contact, who has been
doing these programs DIRECTLY with one of the 8 top experts worldwide
for over 18 years, tells me that Barclays has always been one of the
most treacherous banks involved. And we've seen the betrayals done
by the German bank over and over to try to help the Bushs. ALL the
bankers would like to help the Bushs because they want to continue
their thieving activities. Nearly all the top bankers are thieves
and anything they say about delays is "self-serving" propaganda.
They TOTALLY LACK any power to do anything but talk. Ignore these

And forget about the total MANURE that banking in Europe `must' shut
down as of December 15. When this kind of HUGE process is occurring,
those European bankers will be in their offices on Christmas Day if
necessary, to collect their HUGE BONUS they get for funding these
programs. If anyone tries to hand you this line of MANURE, tell them
they are totally ignorant of what is REALLY going on and to GET a
CLUE. The bankers will do whatever they can to maximize the money in
their pockets; they will be working whatever hours and days it takes
regardless of "holidays".

Regarding the info about a "performance bond" that requires the banks
to ensure we have access to our funds by December 15, 2001, this date
has been extended to accommodate the rest of us THIS MONTH.

I've been writing a lot about the role of the U.S. Military in all of
these things because the U.S. Military has always played a big part.
The fact is that this whole thing comes down to WHO has the control
of the U.S. Military and OUR SIDE is winning. It all comes down to
WHO HAS the GUNS of the military; WE DO! The POWER is held by our
TRUE White Knights and the other good officers of the U.S. military.
The arrests for TREASON of these 29 traitorous Pentagon officers ends
the game of those trying to stop NESARA and our prosperity

Let's continue our prayers, meditations, and energy work invoking the
Great Divine Unconditional Love permeating and supporting our White
Knights and all their activities worldwide. I will meet you for our
group energizing at 10-10:30 p.m. EST and let's continue our unified

To JOIN the Dove egroup, simply send an email to:
And REPLY to Yahoo's request for confirmation.

Dear TRUE White Knights, 12-14-01

I'm writing you to request your immediate action to stop the
extremely serious betrayals that a FEW highly placed people are
TRYING to perpetrate against our people, our country, and all people
in the world. I'm giving as much as I have of the plot against us so
that this plot can be totally cancelled. When the TRUTH is known,
these people betraying us will be unable to carry out their plan.

It is true that 70% of the U.S. military officers who KNOW the truth
were AGAINST allowing the 9/11 attacks to occur. YOU 70% must now
TAKE ACTION to stop an even more devastating betrayal of our country
which is secretly in process. Please forward this email to ALL U.S.
Military personnel, especially Patriots, you know IMMEDIATELY!

It is time for those of us who know NESARA is the RIGHT future for
our country to take action and STOP the FEW who have been corrupted
into acting against us. I'm disclosing what I've received below so
that all TRUE White Knights have background information from which to
take action and STOP these FEW corrupted military officers from
pursuing their own sick agendas of TRYING to stop NESARA from being
implemented. These corrupted military and D.C. officials know the
minute NESARA is implemented, their self-serving, self-aggrandizement
agendas are cancelled.

By going against NESARA, these FEW men are also putting themselves
against ALL the peoples of the world because NESARA MUST BE
implemented in order for our prosperity programs to reach all the
peoples of the world and all the VITAL world improvements to be
made. These FEW men are colluding with the corrupt Bush
administration to TRY to stop NESARA's announcement and

Their plan calls for TRYING to stop the prosperity programs
deliveries in the U.S. which would keep the rest of the world's
people from receiving their prosperity. They also intend that the
people who have received are only able to access a SMALL percentage
of their total funding. These corrupt military and D.C. officials
are TRYING to stop those of us who "network" about the progress of
these programs from receiving because they know we will take action
to make sure NESARA is announced and to get rid of the corruption in
our government and country.

If you White Knights in the military are still waiting to receive
your prosperity, you need to know that these FEW top officers in the
military are acting against YOU and have purposely decided to keep
you from getting your prosperity delivery and funding. They plan to
spread LIES about other things delaying NESARA and the prosperity
deliveries and funding to the rest of us, but in fact, it is ONLY
these FEW men in the military who are standing in the way. They need
to be TOTALLY NEUTRALIZED immediately! Once these FEW military
officers are neutralized, we will have NESARA and the rest of our
prosperity deliveries in the US and worldwide.

Here's the background info I've been given. I received notice this
morning that these FEW men who are trying to betray us are 29
officers in top positions at the Pentagon. Some of these officers
met secretly this week and made the decision to TRY to get our
country into a military conflict with Iraq. I'm told that secret
negotiations have been going on to keep the corrupt Bush family and
their cohorts in power by promising these military officers great
sums of money and new positions with authority over other countries.
The Bushs have promised some of these 29 military officers that they
each can have their own fiefdoms of military power in OTHER countries
if they help the Bushs to be successful in their new world order
plans, of which the military conflict with Iraq is a part.

My understanding is that the Bushs' new world order plans call for
the world to be divided into regions of a one world government and
some of the corrupted U.S. military officers have been promised the
top position in these "regional military" under the one world order
plan. Basically, these 29 officers and some officers under them have
been seduced by promises of money and power to betray our country and
our people as well as the rest of the world. These officers have
decided to TRY to go against NESARA and the completion of our

I'm hearing there is DIRECT collusion with Iraq by these corrupt U.S.
military and corrupt D.C. officials in a secret plan to have Iraq
attack our U.S. Military forces in the Middle East this Sunday. I'm
told the COVER STORY begins with the so-called "smoking gun" home
video of Bin Laden which my TOP sources say has a TOTALLY FALSE
AUDIO. The news that they cannot find Bin Laden in Afghanistan is
part of the background for a new LIE where the corrupt D.C. officials
FALSELY claim that Bin Laden has been seen in Iraq. The cover story
is supposed to include the U.S. demanding Bin Laden be turned over by
Iraq and Iraq refusing, and then the U.S. threatening to bomb the
part of Iraq where Bin Laden is supposed to be followed by a SNEAK
attack by Iraq on the U.S. military on Sunday. Anyone who is
supporting this so-called "smoking gun" video is either in on the
plan against all of us or is a stooge. The "smoking gun" video is
part of the plot against NESARA and our prosperity deliveries.

This is all part of an elaborate plot to give the corrupt D.C.
officials an excuse to get our country entangled in a long and drawn
out military action in the Middle East. They also intend to continue
to terrorize our people with anthrax and other things in their
efforts to dismantle our Constitution and enslave our people totally.

I KNOW that SOME of you in the U.S. military ALREADY have realized
that this plot is underway and YOU KNOW it must be stopped. I'm
sending this message to help you get this traitorous plot stopped
immediately! ANYONE, even some people we thought in the past were
White Knights, WHO ADVOCATE going into Iraq ARE LIARS and are AGAINST
our receiving our prosperity and against NESARA. Some of our past
military and patriotic heroes have betrayed us; they are human and
they have been corrupted. ALL of us know there is ZERO truthful
reason for us to be taking military action in the Middle East because
the TRUE TERRORISTS are top officials in D.C. who ordered the 9/11
attacks! We must STOP these traitors NOW!

There is only ONE answer: YOU 70% in the U.S. military who are good
people, who care about our country, and who support restoring our
TRAIORS at the Pentagon NOW! Please FORWARD this message to ALL U.S.
being put into place in the next 48 hours to LINK YOU 70% of the U.S.
military together so you can CLEAN HOUSE and neutralize these
traitors in the Pentagon.

Then we can get NESARA announced, get the rest of our prosperity
programs deliveries done in the U.S. and the world and ENSURE that
ALL our prosperity is properly funded to everyone. I remind you,
these FEW military officers are the only thing keeping NESARA and our
FULL prosperity funding from coming to all of us and the world. YOU
TRUE White Knights and patriots in the U.S. military MUST TAKE ACTION
NOW against these traitors. The LEGAL process of neutralizing these
29 men is NOW UNDERWAY and YOU TRUE White Knights are needed to help
carry it out.

We ALL need to do everything in our power to throw off the corruption
strangling the lives of all of us in this country and the world. WE
are RELYING on YOU TRUE White Knights to get this done NOW! These 29
men MUST BE neutralized IMMEDIATELY and we need NESARA announced by
this Sunday evening!!!!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness

Stay Tuned Folks, It will be interesting to see where the Truth lies. For sure something seems to be happening behind the scenes. Please let me know if you have any information.
Gary Larrabee

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29 White Knights Found Masturbating on Cross 16.Dec.2001 12:26

Dr. Funky

29 White Knights were found masturbating on a cross this Sunday morning in an attempt to rid themselves of "the betrayers". Although news reports are sketchy, it appears that they were trying to aid pResident Bush in his war against the dreaded "evil-doers" by performing an "ancient and cherished ritual". Said one attendee, "I'm not sure how they knew those crosses we were using were of the upside down variety, the lady at the Bible Barn assured me that everyone would believe that the crosses were NOT of the inverted kind...i'm very upset".

On a related note, dangerously inbred people across America were encouraged by pResident Bush yesterday to "take to the streets" in a show of "solidarity" for the great "whiteness" of their proud Aryan tradition. "I am Moses to led you all back to Atlantis," Bush told his weeping supporters. "Be sure to stop at McDonalds and Walmart on your ways home and support our Black Magicians...and use more oil...that's the most evil thing you can do these days and will assure you everlasting devotion from our Dark Lord!" Bush is a major owner of oil holdings.