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Faded In Portland

Simply showing...a day in the life...on the streets...
In Portland.
introveinous drug use
all the "street kids" are all hype!
What is up with P-town?? 16.Dec.2001 01:39

Dr.Calvin dr_calvin@hotmail.com

I'm confused. I thought Portland was supposed to be this great big town where everyone understood each other, and everyone could have a resonably good time without getting fucked up. Guess that fairy tale died.

And what exactly is going on with all these street kids? Do most of them choose to live outside of the normal means of living, because they reject current social standards (i'm not saying these standards are right, I'm just asking my question). Are they forced to live in the street? I know an explanation for one person is not an explanation for the rest, but what is going on?

And what the fuck is with the prosititutes and the pimps in Pioneer Square? A friend of mine was assaulted by a few of these people b/c she wouldn't be some pimp's hoe. And if you honestly believe that these people have no where to go, and that prostitution is not a crime, fuck off! There are lots of social programs for people like these to get new job training, and this is a crime, a moral crime (and i'm not saying that in a christian sense or any bullshit like that, I'm saying that as a fact of life it is wrong to pay some one for sex)

I know this doesn't sound very compasionate, but that's probably because I'm not. I'm hardcore left wing, I hate the fact that we are killing innocent people in Afghanastan, that Bushy is trying to open up ANWR, that people are supporting these terrorists by driving gas sucking SUVs, but in the end, your actions have consequences, wiether you like them or not.

So really what is up with Portland?


I could not disagree more 16.Dec.2001 14:17


Prostitution is not a moral crime. Prohibition, however, is a moral crime. Compassionate and socially responsible regulation could go a long way in protecting these people, and those such as your friend, from the abuses associated with criminalizing the world's oldest profession.