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report someting else!
It's a shame that lately "indy" writers of Portland and beyond can only glory themselves upon this racial war. When in reality both parties can never fully achieve thier goals or objectives. The Racial War will never really end or truley progress. The problems at hand only weave thierselves elsewhere into our society.It's a battle that can have no winners, no one will triumph it's just in our human mentality.
So instead of wasting your time spreading racial propaganda and that in objection to, use your "reporting" abilities on issues that can actually be solved; such as third world labor practices, the destruction of our enviroment, police brutality and the protection of our basic human rights, just to name a few. If you can't manage to do that just tell about something positive that happened to you. It's just pathetic hearing your same useless bithcing both racist and anti-racist alike.
are you suggesting that we ignore racism? 13.Dec.2001 16:20


Are you suggesting that we just ignore racism, neo-nazi activity, etc, since it will never go away?
Or that we should only report (or work on) issues that are easy to deal with, easy to win?

Please explain.

shut up and post 13.Dec.2001 18:14


there is no such thing as official indymedia reporting. indymedia is about what gets posted to the site. don't like what you read here? think something is left out? write about it and get it up here yourself.


for malcom 13.Dec.2001 22:11


im not taking sides but if they(the issues)are so easy to win, why havnt we won yet?

above 15.Dec.2001 00:07


everyone just shut the hell up