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Buddhas Not Bombs

Be a witness for peace. Silent meditation vigil at Pioneer Courthouse Square at 4:30 pm. This allows for the opportunity to join the Portland Peaceful Response rally that begins at 5:00 pm.
Some members of the fledgling Portland Buddhist Action Group will be expressing their wish for peace via a silent meditation vigil, 4:30 pm at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Many causes and conditions bring about the karma of violence, and many reactions to that violence help feed and sustain it. We must continually seek and embrace our true compassionate nature, and Buddhists have done so through meditation for over 2500 years. Through our efforts we are better able to cease from the violence and spread compassion to the world. The more practiced we become at finding our own spacious center, the more easily we can act from a place of compassion and peace. With this simple act we demonstrate our commitment to a better world for all beings.

Any are welcome to join us, you'll want to bring your own movable seat, whether chair, cushion, bench, pad, or willingness to have a wet behind. Look for me with the sign that says "Buddha Not Bombs" and "Be Bold Be Peace".

The Portland Buddhist Action Group has come together with the intention of forming a Buddhist Peace Fellowship chapter in Portland. While the concrete structure of that chapter is still to be decided, some members of the group are moving forward with spiritually based action. More information can be found at the yahoo group website.

homepage: homepage: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pdxbuddhistaction/
address: address: PO Box 14613, Portland, OR 97293

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on Friday, December 14. It may become a regular Friday thing.