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Who are the real terrorists?

The united states is the biggest terrorist that has ever inhabited this earth. it is time to recognize this fact and act on that recognition. stop letting bush and his media frame the debate!!
(excerpt from pentagonlies.com website)

In recent months, there has been an increasing effort by governments (particularly the United States) in identifying and labeling terrorist organizations and individuals. It is both ironic and hypocritical for the United States government, an organization that has throughout it's history performed catastrophic atrocities against innocent people, to simultaneously label its enemies and dissidents as terrorists while refusing to discuss its own record of murder and destruction. It is also necessary to clarify that many of the individuals and groups that the U.S. government is labeling as terrorists are acting out of self defense against the United States policies which are directly threatening life on this planet. The US government and US corporations routinely perform terrorist actions both domestically, against people in the United States, and internationally against innocent peoples in sovereign nations. These acts are done primarily for imperialist reasons, to expand the empire or maintain its power, or to simply acquire further financial assets. The beneficiaries of such imperialist practices are rarely, if ever, poor whites or people of color but rather the wealthy elite that hide behind the mythical phenomenon of "promoting democracy", "maintaining freedom" and so on. If the goal of this "war on terrorism" is really to stop terrorism then it must begin by abolishing the largest terrorist threat in history, the United States government. US imperialism lies at the heart of social and political problems domestically in the US and throughout the world. Until US imperialism is destroyed, there cannot be real justice, a real democracy, or any resemblance of freedom for life on earth.


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MOre hysteria 13.Dec.2001 02:06


The idea that the USA is terrorist is preposterous. I will allow that *certain* US citizens, soldiers, and govt. officials ARE guilty of war crimes, but the country as a whole is no more 'terrorist' than Iran, Yemen, or Ireland. Furthermore, your attempts to portray the United States as an unfree country fall laughably short when one considers the fact that you are posting contrarian rhetoric without fear of state reprisal. Your arguments are a weak copy of Zinn, Fisk, Hitchens, and other lefty writers, but you don't seem to realize that they are all LIARS. You are on the fringe and your ideas are false.

head in the sand 13.Dec.2001 10:19


without state reprisal?

you got your head deep in the sand

people left and right face heavy reprisal from the state

some are threatened, arrested under false charges, imprisoned and at times killed

the us now has death squads, military tribunal courts that can do whatever the hell they like to anyone that is not a us citizen. . .that is 5.7 billion people

such laws as in the us patriot act will likely be passed on to us citizens in short order

remember, the us patriot act was written before sept 11th