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Peace Meditation Friday

A silent peaceful meditation will take place at Pioneer Courthouse Square this Friday at 4:30 before the PPRC vigil. Please, do not do nothing at this time and join us.

Possible slogans:

* What part of "Don't know" do you not understand?
* Fear leads to hate- hate leads to suffering.
* Man, I'm hungry. Feed them first.
* There are two ways out of this: Peace from within, or peace from without.
* It's a Zen thing- deep down you really understand.


May all beings find happiness.
May all be free of disease.
May all see what is auspicious.
May no one suffer.
OM, peace, peace, peace.
chance for buddhists 12.Dec.2001 16:23


this is an opportunity for all those closet meditators to get out and be a silent presence

buddhists and other spiritual people in poor countries are often at the forefront of social change, risking life and freedom on behalf of others

it is time for spiritual people here to make a stand.....err a sit