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Fools' World Order

The fools that rule should get rid of themselves in the process of trying to get rid of the people whom they claim have problems.
My Daddy said that I should heed Bush Daddy's warning that the Storm Troopers i.e. Secret Service cannot be written about, so I am going to type about them. In order to understand how big this Tribe is, one has to realize that their "revolt of Jacob" includes all of those who are involved with this perverted form of Zionism throughout the earth. In the only pertinent reference in the Bible; God says that He will punish "leviathan, the piercing serpent, even leviathan, the crooked serpent" (Is. 27:1); and this gigantic "serpent" probably represents this perverted form of Zionism. In the "Plans of the Synagogue of Satan" it is written: "In the "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" it is stated that the "Head of the Snake"....consists of 300 "Hidden Heads" or elders, known only to each other...whilst the "Body of the Symbolic Snake", consists of the rank and file of the Zionists (Prot. 3, para. 1), and it is stated that the Body has no idea to the plans of the Head, but simply carries out its orders blindly." I have always wondered how these Storm Troopers could be so "all-powerful" in this country and throughout the world; and I now realize that it is probably the result of "inflated egos". Messiah Exarchou has apparently set it up that way (Id=62371), having learned from mistakes with the Storm Troopers of Germany. Via the contrived incompetence of their 100,000s of supporters (Id=76394), the Storm Troopers of today are backed up by communication glitches that insure that no one ever confronts them about their lawlessness. In an attempt to cover up that the Storm Trooper's stealth aircraft have been broadcasting chemicals on Ithaca for years now, they apparently had private pilots dump a ton or so of a mixture of brake dust, unscathed asbestoes, and calcium on Ithaca on Sunday (Ids=58159 & 60292). (Brake dust has a metallic taste, while unscathed fibers have no taste; plus I suspect that any air filter on which cooking oil can be sprayed can remove these fibers from the air (see Id=87001 also).) Like the Storm Trooper supporters who have been messing with my posts as a result of the Troopers hoodwinking site managers into allowing the use of restricted access codes on those sites(Id=102423), these chemical-spewing pilots will probably serve as "bait" which the Troopers can use to trap anyone who objects to what happened. These Troopers are part of the enforcement arm of the "Serpent"; i.e. this perverted form of Zionism.

Although they started messing with my articles a long time before September 11, 2001; the Troopers will probably contend that messing with my articles is a matter of national security. Nevermind if providing for the physical well-being of the President and countfeiting is about the only jurisdiction that they have; these Troopers think that they are God on earth! The only national security that they are probably concerned with is that of the bogus state of Israel in the Middle East; but they will never tell you that. They will even contend that the sick and twisted Bush Daddy is someone whose professed honor they have to protect even if he has been murdering people by the 1,000s with his "boy" "Nicky". Although their "Folly Is Plain to Everyone" Id=48513; they all behave like the "Morons America Style" Id=46750 at graduation slapping each other on the back and telling each other that they are somebody because they were told that they were somebody; and "No Body is Going to Do Nothing About It" Id=41739. Bush Daddy claims that these Troopers won't tolerate any of their ranks being physically impaired and that they just eliminate those that need medical attention. He contends that the stealth aircraft were contaminated when they were broadcasting Anthrax on the populace (Id=82672) and that they have just been getting rid of the pilots who get sick from it. He says that the same thing happens when they get shot or anything like that also. There really is some secrecy involved here I guess. Since they probably didn't read "Foolproof Plans of the Storm Troopers of America and Their Supreme "Narky"" Id=26851 or "Storm Troopers of America and Their New World Order" Id=27490; it is very likely that many foreign nations have been photographing them dealing narcotics and parraffin by the ton throughout the world. In light of this, these nations are probably prepared to put them under "house arrest" so that their residences or offices can serve as the Judean Embassies of "Israel, A Kingdom That Cannot Be Shaken" Id=93509. These Embassies will be some of the most incredible sites on earth as these Troopers and other supporters who adhere to the chemicalmonging covenant with death of the Nicolaitans continue their revolt of Jacob in opposing those members of Bush Daddy's Tribe who elect to proclaim the majesty of Israel, the holy nation by following the Path That Leads To Life (Is. 28:15; Rev. 2:6, 15; 1 Peter 2:9) that they obtained in Hooterville (Id=102423). Many nations will support Israel, the Holy Nation in that day (Zech. 2:11). Many will probably also oppose the Holy Nation and be cursed for doing so. They will have no rain in fulfillment of a curse that will devour those nations (Is. 24:6). This is the Fool's World Order, for these lawless ones have embraced lies and the worst fulfillment of prophecy for the chance to say that they were somebody for opposing innocent people who were not opposing them (James 5:6). The foolproof plans of the Storm Troopers and Bush Daddy's Tribe will surely succeed in that they will succeed in getting rid of the people who have "problems" (Is. 34:3) and the fool shall be called noble no more (Is. 32:5).

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger

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