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National Academy Of Sciences Report Warns of Rapid Climate Change

National Academy Of Sciences Report Warns of Rapid Climate Change
PLANET EARTH | Dec 12 2001
National Academy Of Sciences Report Warns of Rapid Climate Change
Ice Core Evidence Policy concerns about global climate change have focused almost exclusively on gradual changes. Despite clear evidence in historical records, sudden climate change--circa 18 degrees F.--has rarely been mentioned. But now a major report on the subject has been issued by the National Academy of Sciences. According to the Executive Summary:

"Abrupt climate changes were especially common when the climate system was being forced to change most rapidly. Thus, greenhouse warming and other human alterations of the earth system may increase the possibility of large, abrupt, and unwelcome regional or global climatic events....

"The new paradigm of an abruptly changing climatic system has been well established by research over the last decade, but this new thinking is little known and scarcely appreciated in the wider community of natural and social scientists and policy-makers."

[ Press Release | Executive Summary | Full Report ]

As solid scientific evidence grows, the corporate media (and even Britain's leftist Guardian) has once again been snookered by amatuer anti-environmetnalist blather--a book called "The Skeptical Environmentalist" by Bjorn Lomborg. TompPaine.com has an article debunking the book, "The Tabloid Environmentalist: How a Pseudo-Scientist Duped the Big Media -- Big Time", along with a quick overview of critical comments by sceintists, "Something Is Rotten In The State Of Denmark: A skeptical look at The Skeptical Environmentalist", summarizing some of the contents from a more extensive resource, "Links: Bjorn Lomborg on the web", from Grist Magazine. Particularly noteworthy is the article "On Bjorn Lomborg and climate change by Stephen H. Schneider".

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