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Protect your Rights

Protect yourself against abuses from the state.
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<FORM method=post><INPUT type=hidden value=149495 name=id><A
href="mailto: protecor@viser.net">Bill Mayhar</A><BR><I>Unprejudiced
Reservation of Rights</I><BR>Tue Nov 27 17:49:07
2001<BR><BR><BR><B>Unprejudiced Reservation of Rights &amp; NOTICE TO: Peace
Officers and<BR>Other Public Servants.<BR><BR>This document serves as notice
to the court, and all officers of the court, that I know<BR>that I have Rights
that I can Demand to have protected at all times, both by this court<BR>and
the police departments who follow it's policies. I hereby Mandamus this court
to<BR>protect All My Rights, both today and forever, as is in accordance with
the Constitutions.<BR>Furthermore, a Quo Warranto, is placed upon all your
actions. <BR><BR>I give notice that I Reserve All My Rights Without Prejudice.
I refuse this or an other<BR>court the right to take any liberties with my
Rights. I do not consent in any way to have<BR>my Rights infringed upon. I do
not give permission to construe anything I say or do as<BR>permission to
Prejudice any of my Rights. Before God, I make and proclaim this<BR>statement
of Reservation of Rights as fact and order the court to abide by
it.<BR><BR>Any Infringement upon my Rights shall serve asPrima Facie evidence
of Intent to<BR>Violate the Law. If any action is taken against me and it is
later determined that any of<BR>your actions, lack thereof, or any part
thereof are based on policy and not Law, this<BR>document shall serve as Prima
Facie evidence of your intent to violate the following<BR>state Laws, along
with any other applicable state and federal Laws and shall create
a<BR>separate claim for damages as stated in this document for each offence
which shall be<BR>deemed immediately due and payable to the injured party. See
the note below for<BR>details of the claims.<BR><BR>162.355 Simulating legal
process. (1) A person commits the crime of simulating legal<BR>process if the
person knowingly issues or delivers to another person any document that<BR>in
form and substance falsely simulates civil or criminal process. <BR>(2) As
used in this section:<BR>(a) "Civil or criminal process" means a document or
order, including, but not limited to, a<BR>summons, lien, complaint, warrant,
injunction, writ, notice, pleading or subpoena, that is<BR>issued by a court
or that is filed or recorded for the purpose of:<BR>(A) Exercising
jurisdiction;<BR>(B) Representing a claim against a person or property;<BR>(C)
Directing a person to appear before a court or tribunal; or<BR>(D) Directing a
person to perform or refrain from performing a specified act.<BR>(b) "Person"
has the meaning given that term in ORS 161.015, except that in relation
to<BR>a defendant, "person" means a human being, a public or private
corporation, an<BR>unincorporated association or a partnership. <BR>(3)
Simulating legal process is a Class C felony.<BR><BR>162.415 Official
misconduct in the first degree. (1) A public servant commits the crime<BR>of
official misconduct in the first degree if with intent to obtain a benefit or
to harm<BR>another:<BR>(a) The public servant knowingly fails to perform a
duty imposed upon the public<BR>servant by Law or one clearly inherent in the
nature of the office; or<BR>(b) The public servant knowingly performs an act
constituting an unauthorized exercise in<BR>official duties.<BR>(2) Official
misconduct in the first degree is a Class A misdemeanor.<BR><BR>Print
_____________<BR>Signature. ________________________________________ suiJuris
Violation of My Rights, or Failure to Stop Another from Violating Them, by a
Public<BR>Servant Who Has the Legal Duty and Power to Protect Those Rights
Shall Constitute a<BR>Crime. Such crime shall serve as prima facie evidence
that said Public Servant does<BR>intend to, and shall, create claims, on
bahalf of the injured party(s), for damages as<BR>follows; 1.$100,000.00 or
the maximum allowed by the tort Laws of this state against<BR>any applicable
performance or security bond the public Servant is operating under and,<BR>2.
$3,500.00 or the maximum amount allowed by the Laws of this state in a Small
Claims<BR>Court. 3. Said Actions Shall Create a Claim for Damages That Can Be
Collected by<BR>Filing a Suit under the Jurisdiction of the Uniform Commercial
Code for Violation of My<BR>Common Law Rights, in the Local Courts. 4. It
shall also serve as prima facie evidence<BR>that said Public Servant intends
for the injured party to File a Deprivation of Rights Suit,<BR>Directly in
Federal Court for further redress of injuries. All claims Shall be valid
and<BR>enforceable simultaneously as is allowed by Law. <BR><BR>133.080
Application to traffic, boating, littering, wildlife violations<BR>153.505 (2)
Traffic infraction described:effect of conviction.<BR>133.310 (1) (a) (i)
Authority of peace officer to arrest without warrant.<BR>153.527 Review of
accusatory instrument by district attorney.<BR>[Refer to the "Note" below the
statute.]131.005 (1)(2) General definitions.<BR>161.245 (1)(2) "Reasonable
belief" described; status of unlawful arrest.<BR>133.235 (3) Arrest by a peace
officer; procedure.<BR>133.450 (1) After arrest; within or without county in
which warrant was issued.<BR>161.095 (1)(2) Requirements of
culpability.<BR>161.105 (2) Culpability requirements inapplicable to certain
violations and offenses.<BR>161.565 (4) "Violation" described; misdemeanor
treated as violation.<BR>161.575 (1) Types of violations.<BR>191.115 (1)(2)
Construction of statutes with respect to culpability.<BR>Lex Non Scripta; is
mandated. The word Law is emphasized.<BR><BR>Norton vs. Shelby county 118 U.S.
425<BR>An unconstitutional act is not Law; it confers no rights; it imposes no
duties; affords no<BR>protection; it creates no office; it is in legal
contemplation, as [an] operative as though it<BR>had never been
passed.<BR><BR>Owen vs. Independence 100 S.C.T. 1398<BR>Officers of the court
have no immunity, when violating a constitutional Right, from<BR>liability.
For they are deemed to know the Law.<BR><BR>JONES V. COUNCE, 7 F3d 1359 (8th
Cir. 1993)<BR>BENITEZ V. WOLFF, 985 F3d 662 (2nd Cir. 1993) <BR>Qualified
immunity defense fails if a public officer violates a clearly established
Right<BR>because a reasonably competent official should know the Law governing
this conduct.<BR><BR>Cops, Judges, &amp; D.A.'s CAN BE SUED in Federal Court
when they break the Law. The<BR>max. Filing fee is $150.00 &amp; the Feds will
prosecute for you. Get the CITEBOOK at<BR>1-800-577-2929. Find out what your
Rights are and what the Fed's are doing to our<BR>crooked officials, including
judges, when they violate our Rights. All you have to do is to<BR>know how to
ask. Also, the PRISONERS' SELF HELP LITIGATION MANUAL is<BR>great and can be
ordered at 1-800-831-0758! Know your Rights before you go to
jail!<BR><BR>"Without Prejudice" UCC 1-207.4 "All Rights Reserved"<BR><BR>When
I use "Without Prejudice" UCC 1-207 in connection with my signature, I am
saying: "I<BR>reserve my right not to be compelled to perform under any
contract or commercial<BR>agreement that I did not enter knowingly,
voluntarily and intentionally. And<BR>furthermore, I do not accept the
liability of the compelled benefit of any unrevealed<BR>contract or commercial
agreement."<BR><BR>"The Sufficiency of the Reservation: any expression
indicating an intention to reserve rights,<BR>is sufficient, such as "Without
Prejudice" (UCC 1-207.4) or "All Rights Reserved."<BR><BR>"The Making of a
valid Reservation of Rights preserves whatever Rights the person
then<BR>possesses, and prevents the loss of such Rights by application of
concepts of waiver or<BR>estoppel." (UCC 1-207.7)<BR><BR>This Document Is Law,
and Must Be Obeyed by Anyone, Who Has a Public Servant Job, and<BR>in
Particular, Any and All Public Servants, Who Have Taken an Oath to Uphold
the<BR>Constitutions of Oregon and the united States.<BR><BR>As far as the
government is concerned, IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT<BR>YOUR RIGHTS ARE, YOU
HAVEN'T GOT ANY!<BR>Created by Bill Mayhar, a Citizen for Honest government.
(503-371-1661 or E-Mail at<BR> protecor@viser.net <BR><BR>Loyal Americans
Always Defend the Constitutions and the Rights They<BR>Protect.
href=" http://www.whatmatters.nu/wmemails/wmemails4.html#WM-28" <BR>WHAT
MATTERS-28 November 26, 2001<BR>Background to The Money Masters Video,<BR>by
Patrick S. J. Carmack, the Producer
<BR> link to www.whatmatters.nu
href=" http://www.apfn.org/apfn/HR3162.htm" <BR>U.S. PATRIOT ACT HR
3162<BR>("We're from the government and we're here to help
you!")<BR> http://www.apfn.org/apfn/HR3162.htm</A> <!-- IP address =
User Agent = Mozilla/4.76 [en] (Windows NT 5.0; U) --><BR><BR><INPUT type=submit value="Post a Response" name=postresponse><INPUT type=submit value="Return to Articles" name=returntoarticles><BR><BR><BR><A
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Server.com Sponsor</FONT><BR>
href=" http://disc.server.com/discussion.cgi?id=149495&amp;article=12375">The
Press and the USA Patriot Act</A> <FONT size=-1> Freematt's Alerts, Tue Nov
27 18:16</FONT>
href=" link to disc.server.com
Of EnenKio  http://www.enenkio.net (.org) (.ok)</A> <FONT size=-1> Robert
Moore M P, Wed Nov 28 17:53</FONT>
href=" http://disc.server.com/discussion.cgi?id=149495&amp;article=12386">The
Press and the USA Patriot Act</A> <FONT size=-1> search engine, Tue Nov
27 21:09</FONT>
href=" http://disc.server.com/discussion.cgi?id=149495&amp;article=12376">As
a Viet Vet with two combat tours in Viet Nam</A> <FONT size=-1> Robert
Collier, Tue Nov 27 18:25</FONT>
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type=hidden name=date_query><BR></BLOCKQUOTE><BR></FORM></B></BODY></HTML>

AGREE TO AGREE OR FIGHT ? 11.Nov.2004 13:30

ENENKIO HAWAII NATIONS enenkio@webtv.net

AGREE TO AGREE OR TO FIGHT- www.enenkio.org Body of Message: : : : : : - Present Status - : : EnenKio is a sovereign state : : The government of the Kingdom of EnenKio was established in 1994 under authority and by direction of Head of State and the hereditary Iroijlaplap (Paramount Chief) of the Northern Ratak atolls of the Marshall Islands. The Constitution of EnenKio established and set forth the authority and responsibility of the government and established duties and succession protocol of the Monarch and Royal Family.  EnenKio is a Limited Constitutional Monarchy.  Representative citizens, acting as Founding Fathers, ratified the Constitution, recognized His Majesty King Murjel Hermios as Head of State, affirmed their resolve in the Declaration of Sovereignty and determined the boundaries of the new Kingdom of EnenKio.  : : Notice that EnenKio was a new sovereign state was sent to representatives of the Republic of the Marshall islands, United States, United Nations General Assembly, UN Security Council, South Pacific Commission, NATO, world media, Pacific Island nations and other nations.  Legal action was then taken to set forth the claim against the foreign occupational forces of the United States, which failed to ever answer any actions and now stands in default with respect to demands for compensation and for illegally occupying of the king's ancestral lands.  The effect of legal demands filed in U.S. federal court, unanswered complaints and failure to reply now have the force of law in commerce, under national and international laws and conventions. : : EnenKio is an "offshore haven for criminals and money launderers" : : Actually, the United States did reply — not directly to EnenKio, but with an insidious merciless campaign of disinformation broadly dispersed across the Internet and to its trading partners.  One glaring example is a U.S. Department of State Report which compares EnenKio to the likes of Thailand, Colombia and Russia under the topic of "Money Laundering and Financial Crimes".  This official report — International Narcotics Control Strategy, 1998 — categorizes EnenKio as an Offshore Financial Center.  This is a curious label as EnenKio has no bank, no financial center and no money to launder.  It goes on to refer to another state and "Enenkio" (sic) as "...mere figments of fertile imaginations...", and as "...entirely fraudulent in intent and practice."  The United States offers NO proof nor is it known to have ever found any.  In fact, in February 2001, the federal agencies of the United States, concluded an exhaustive investigation that failed to turn up even one shred (or hanging chad) of evidence of impropriety — in intent or practice. : : EnenKio exists "only in cyberspace" : : Such a claim might be made for Yahoo™, Windows Magazine™ or any number of "dot.coms".  Why, the United States itself claims over 25,000 web sites hosting millions of pages.  Is this not a criteria for existence in cyberspace?  EnenKio as a state has its roots in a 1987 document, but really, it is founded upon more than 2000 years of historical lineage preceding the ascendancy of the Hermios Marshallese family to their rightful, recognized traditional post.  The EnenKio web site did not appear until 1998.  It is a mystery how any reasonable person could examine the few dozens of posted documents, laws and letters — thousands of pages are not posted — and then say: EnenKio exists only in cyberspace. : : Today's Challenge for Tomorrow's Future : : Every avenue is being explored to raise capital for projects described in the development plan. Bond, stamp and shipbuilding programs have commenced.  Applications are invited for passports, business licenses and ship registration.  For those qualified individuals who wish to join this effort or encourage us to gain recognition among states of the first order, we have a need for Consuls and Diplomatic representatives in foreign offices, Trade Missions and other diplomatic posts. : : Additional human resources and people knowledgeable in international policy, diplomatic protocol, spaceport and aircraft operations, telecommunications, shipping, manufacturing, chemical engineering and a host of other disciplines will be required to design and attract development projects and implement envisioned programs.  Contractual arrangements for professional consultation and services in law, finance, commerce, economics and others are being actively sought. : : All who have an interest and are so moved, you are encouraged to submit a Personal Involvement form.  By submitting the form, you will be advised of the latest developments, provided an outline of needs and may at some point be invited to actively participate in development and promotion of EnenKio and to become a citizen of the fledgling nation. : : Salutation : : On behalf of the Second Monarch, His Majesty King Remios Hermios, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Lobadreo Hermios and all representatives and citizens of EnenKio, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sincerely acknowledges your involvement, interest, prayers and support. : : See also: : : Political Status : : Under Illegal Occupation by the United States 808 923-0476 fax/ph or mp@enenkio.org : Welcome to the EnenKio Online Network : These pages, this website, the former web host (NetNation), the government of the Kingdom of EnenKio and the people loyal to the king of Eneen-Kio Atoll have been subjected to a wide assortment of deliberate disruptive actions by persons and agencies of the federal government of the United States. : The reasons for these attacks are unknown, as EnenKio seeks only peace and the freedom to express the fundamental rights of the people of EnenKio, its monarch and the imperatives bestowed upon us by our loving Creator. : The following site has been restored to acquaint you with history, claims and challenges we face as a people striving for equality in a world of antagonist nations seeking egocentric goals to dominate lesser nations as "savior." : ENTER NOW : Send questions about this site to Administrator.  Copyright 2001 - All Rights Reserved. : Background Photo: Courtesy EnenKio Archives : "Peacock Point, Wake Island" Added on Date: 12:45:36 11/11/04

1 808 944-3088 FAX/P