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What To Do? Resisting War!

thoughts on stopping war
From Daybreak! a midwestern anti-authoritarian newspaper available for 2$ from PO Box 14007 Minneapolis MN 55414

What to do: Resisting the War

By now we all realize the problems underlying this, and all, wars. We've seen the pictures of bombed homes, children, people. We've heard the vicous lies of the authorities; politicians, media, and military telling us the price of our death and suffering is worth it (for them it is $). But this isn't just about one war, it's about a world in which war is inevitable and necessary. It's about authorities that use normal people as fodder in their power games. It's about all the other types of violence and suffering this system infects us with, from those starving while food's dumped in the ocean to the millions in prisons and dungeons. We should realize that nothing's going to change unless we take responsibility for changing it, until we start resisting Wars and all oppression brought about by this system we live under! We all realize something needs to change but it's hard to know where to start when there's so much wrong. Below we've listed suggestions for actions anyone can take, against this war and this life of violence.

Public Opinion

War (like governments) is propped up by a mythic idea of public support, war can not continue if the population directly objects and refuses. So what we need to do is start talking to our friends, neighbors, and families to let them know exactly what's going on and why they need to oppose it. Anyone can see kernels of truth in opposition to the slaughter known as War. We need to make flyers and wheatpaste them across every city! We need to produce more periodicals and information to give out the real side of War! We need to break the corporate medias stranglehold on information! Let's interrupt talk shows! Call in to conservative radio shows! Let's smash the idea that opinion surveys speak for us and let the government know that most of the world objects to the murder of innocents! Let's offer the politicians opportunities to crawl into a cage and fight their battles themselves! Let's get the word out, in any and every way possible.

Direct Action

It's clear that government will continue to manipulate us with statistics and lies even if we turn public opinion against War. They'll continue killing unless we physically act against their authority and they can no longer continue. Until we destroy their legitimacy to rule and dominate us with both our actions and our words will we begin to pose a threat to their comfy power! Unless we help soldiers desert! Unless working people sabotage military equipment! Unless young people can teach their parents! Unless you parents withhold your children from death! Kids ditch the draft! Let's do everything we can to reject, disrupt, and undermine the power of the killers playing toy soldiers with our lives! People have always used action to stop wars: workers making dud bombs, women blocking trains filled with draftees, riots against government centers, and even revolutions. Anything is possible. It's not about ineffective demonstrations or pickets. It's about direct action that empowers us with the potential of what's possible.


This can't be just about stopping a war. It's about ending all War and the world that creates it! It's about realizing that all people everywhere deserve the right to live, that humanity is international, that we have more in common with "enemy" people than our own leaders! It's about every person and every community being liberated so we can no longer be coerced or manipulated by politicians or rich scum! It's about owning our own right to life! Towards A World Without War!

Daybreak Anarchist Collective
PO Box 14007 Minneapolis MN 55414

homepage: homepage: http://www.freespeech.org/mn/daybreak
address: address: PO Box 14007 Minneapolis MN 55414

i agree.... but 11.Dec.2001 17:22


While I agree that restistance to the war (and any war) is necessary, I feel that the reprocussions of world peace is not realised by all. Everyone deserves freedom, but freedom is not something that can be taken, for everyone already has it. What most people talk about when they say "freedom" is actually legal rights. Let us imagine a world in which everyone has the legal rights to freedom. Everyone would have the freedom to say anything, do anything and act any way that they wanted so long as they hurt no one. Now here is where I find the flaw in the plan.... population growth. Breeding is seen as a right for everyone. Breeding is not seen as an infringement on other's rights, even in the face of exponential population growth. We can barely feed the world as it is and our numbers are continuing to skyrocket. So I guess the point of my comment is that as we move to the goal of ending the stupidity of war and the mass casualities of innocents, we must also keep in mind that if our numbers get out of hand then we will experiance death tolls equaling or surpassing all the wars in human history because of starvation, sickness, and lack of water. Foresight is required just as compassion is needed.