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Patience is a Virtue

Patience is a Virtue
It has long been held by many in our movement that action is necessary to bring about change. By action, I mean violent action, and it is my opinion that for now this is counter-productive. Eventually, some violence will be unavoidable, and we must never forget that, but if we examine our situation realistically I believe it is evident that the time for action is not now.

Even if it were possible to arm, organize, and mobilize every person available to us today, can we honestly believe a hostile takeover of the U.S. would be possible? Could we fight tanks and Apache helicopters with SKS rifles and molotov cocktails? Not to mention the problem of untrained fighters going on against a highly skilled and organized military force.

Let us suppose we did wrest control of America from its current mis-management tomorrow, what then? Much as I hate to say it, we are sadly lacking in the skills necessary to run a nation. Unless we plan to abandon all government and technology, we will need to greatly expand the number and education of our comrades.

As things now stand, the White Power Movement is loosely organized (at best) and without concrete goals we can all stand behind. People have vague ideas of an Aryan Homeland, but no idea of how to bring it about, much less what to do if it did come to pass.

We have been doing the same old things for too long, and what has it brought us? Too many of us are behind bars, and for what? If we can't stop repeating our mistakes and start learning from them, we will go nowhere.

Do we really want to succeed, or shall we satisfy ourselves with five minutes on Jerry Springer and daydreams of an Aryan Utopia?

It is my opinion that, if we succeed, we should cease the random and concentrate our efforts on the production and mass distribution of propaganda: material aimed mainly at the middle class white population, for this is where the real strength comes from. We need funds, but the wealthy do not want change - the status quo is what keeps them fat. Brains are fine; but the ╬intelligentsia would rather argue and theorize than actually risk anything by openly voicing unpopular and revolutionary ideas. No, we need not be overly concerned with the best and the brightest: it is the laborer, the mason, the mechanic, the farmer, the electrician Ď these are the people who will make the real base of our movement (and eventually our nation).

We should concentrate our efforts into actually indoctrinating and recruiting a solid base of middle class White America. With our people behind us, we will no longer be considered merely a fringe group of violent fanatics, but a movement with legitimate aims, which must be heeded. With the support of a large number of regular folks will come a large enough supply of money and manpower to effect real change.

Before this can happen, we need to re-evaluate our goals and means of attaining them. We need a solid set of goals, a realistic plan to achieve these goals, and, most of all, the people to do it with.

If this is true, then our foremost activity should be the production of written material which outlines our aims and presents our ideas in a manner anyone can understand. Simple, straightforward propaganda, repeating the same themes, constantly reinforcing our ideas and policies. It is hard to imagine a substantial number of people flocking to our cause if we cannot present our aims and policies to them, and the one thing we need to secure our eventual victory is more people.

More people, you may say, is fine, but what about the quality of these new recruits? The character of new adherents to our cause is something that will show itself with time Ď as our numbers grow, we can weed out the blow-hards, losers, and fakes. We need to also bear in mind that because a person is not soldier material, does not mean they are without skills or resources we could use in the future, just as someone who is always eager to fight is not necessarily an asset to our cause.

Obviously, every aspect of our struggle has not been worked out, but we are evolving and have come to a point where victory is a real possibility if we play our cards right.

It would be great if violence could bring us victory right now, because violence is easy. Unfortunately, it will not work by itself and we need to be patient and focus on other, slower methods. No movement in history came to power overnight, and ours will not either. We must bide our time, keep our anger and frustration in check, and prepare for the day when the White man regains what is rightfully his.

Are we fighting for everything? Do we want Northern Idaho or North America? If our motto is to be "This time the world", then should we not be patient and gather our resources to ensure the future of our race?

If some of this makes sense to you, as I think it must, then begin thinking of how we can go about building an effective propaganda machine; funding, printing, and distribution must be considered along with content. The Internet has made our job somewhat easier, because through it we can not only reach our comrades around the globe in seconds, but also get our word out to anyone who cares to listen. But we cannot rely solely on the Internet, for various reasons, and printing leaflets or small books will always be necessary, as well as distributing them. We can accomplish this if we put our minds to it, and exchange ideas.

To be sure, we have other concerns, other problems to solve, but I believe these concerns and problems will begin to solve themselves as we acquire new people with new ideas and new resources. For a movement such as ours to succeed, we will need numbers, and we should now focus a large part of our time and effort into finding those numbers so they can be given a direction and something to work for. We have made progress over the past few years, which is encouraging, but we must not be satisfied until everything that was once ours is again, and we can do it. When the White man is finally aroused from his long slumber and realizes that his heritage was stolen while he slept, it will be time for the scum who stole it to know fear

Let us now begin to wake him up!
What? 11.Dec.2001 11:36


Give me a break! Yet another bunch of crap we have to fight through, racists!

Let us not forget, in the process of fighting globalization, corporate power, and war, that we must also include racism equally into that list. Obviously there are those that would like to use this revolution to sread their ideas of bigotry and supremacy.

To the author, good luck with your recrutment efforts! numbscull.

one more casuality 11.Dec.2001 18:20


I wasn't going to respond to this shlock but about halfway through reading it I started to get angry. I know that it is counter productive to respond when enraged so I took a couple of minutes to organise my thoughts. I hope that I don't sound like a raving lunitic (and yes I am still livid) but I feel the need to add my two cent to this drivle.

First... If and when the "Revolution" comes to armed conflict it will not be between the whites and the government... Whites are the government. It will be a class war... it always has been. If you think that an Aryian nation will topple the American gavernment then you will die at the hands of a white Marine, or maybe a bomb made by the hands of a poor working class joe be he black or white or other. You will be another casuality.

Second... If you do raise a "White Army" to overthrow the government, I will be forced to take up arms against you. I have no love for the American Government but I have less love for hatred, bigotry, greed and cruelty. So again, you end up a casuality.

THird.... If you do fulfill your delusions and topple the American government and (I know that it's a long shot) install an Aryian government, you will have the support of a very small percentage of the population. If yours is a violent take over, you will be killed quickly and happily by anyone left in your sick world.

Now, that being said... A couple words on the "real" revolution. There is no need to create a new mode of governing, we already have one of the greatest pieces of work ever written... THe Constitution of The United States of America. WIth a little work (a tad bit of revision) it could provide the basis for a new America. For instance, the house of representitives could be abolished and each person in the U.S. would have a voice in our government. We now have the technology to do this whereas two hundred years ago they opted for a representitive government to provide the people with a voice, this is no longer necessary. If we hold true to the ideals that this country was founded upon we can recreate a fair and just society to ensure the freedoms of all including those who have no voice....

Sorry I'm ranting...

Point is , people like the poster above (the Nazi not J) are free to express their opinion, this is still America, but a word of warning... If you try to carry out your twisted little story you will meet strong resistance from me and every other free thinking individual in this country. We might even join forces with our government to stop you. You are the greater of two evils...